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This was an excellent email regarding leveling kits in world of warcraft:

Hey Markco an idea/business venture if you may, based on flipping on a
larger scale

As i'm sure many of your readers (and yourself no doubt) at
some point or another start a new profession, the first thing you want is to hit
the 450(+) cap asap to get the good stuff.
In this case i'm using Engineering as the example.

Now what if you were to sell people complete
prof. leveling kits (all mats inc.) based on ?
I've have done a mock up spread sheet for Engineering as per the websites
listed materials to find out how much it would cost me to purchase;
rounding up to the nearest silver it would cost me 3357g79s (Thursday night AH - you could always farm them ^^)

Now for most wow gold tycoons (or even Joe Average), that's a small
investment, say we mark it upto 5000g (1642.21g profit) thats a fairly small
price to pay to be able to level 1-450 Engineering in a day , and for the most
part your effort is running to the mail box hehe

But you can't trade that many items at once?!
- well no you can't however, simply find your buyer in /2 and send items in batches CoD (total sum/total number of mails to send)

What do you think of this as a business venture?
is 5k enough of a markup?
What if this were Jewelcrafting ? would you price it based on potential income of that prof. ? thoughts?

- Jouichirou

Great email Jouichirou. For an organized auctioneer this is a huge way to make gold. It takes time and lots and lots of fishing through searches to get the number of mats required to level from 1-450 with any profession at decent costs, but the rewards are amazing. I once did this with alchemy and make 2k gold profit off the mats in a single leveling kit. It is definately worth it to also up your price based on the profession, such as jewelcrafting or inscription. In fact, I would go so far as to say that inscription is the easiest profession to build a leveling kit for. I highly recommend advertising your services on your local warcraft server forums to boost sales as well as trade chat.

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  1. There are a few issues with this idea. First, is the assumption that the buyer is honest (and does not just take the expensive mats from you, etc.) Second is the sunk cost (3k tied into buying cheap mats) which isn't a big deal for the savvy auctioneer but is hellish for the up-and-coming auctioneer. Third is the sunk time (the time you spend buying, storing, stockpiling the mats to get the right amounts). Finally, there is the deadline to meet. Cat rewriting how we skillup, so the kits have to be sold before its pre-patch goes live.

  2. One big problem: storage. You need plenty of space for all those mats.

  3. I never sell them, but I made them sometimes. Planning to make a leveling kit for jewelcrafting for an alt. Only big problem is space. I think my bank won't be big enough, so maybe I'm gonna get a guild bank with a tab or three.

    Anyone can tell me how much slots I'll probably need?

  4. I like this, I could clean out a guild bank tab on my mule and complete the transaction rather quickly.

    1. Have the purchaser join the mule guild to view (only) the stock and verify the inventory.
    2. Pay up front, via guild deposit.
    3. Access is opened up and the transaction is finalised..../gkick :P

    Any concerns a purchaser had could be allayed by pointing out that should you attempt to rip them off, a GM would have a clear record to review.

    Yes, this would only work if you had your own guild dedicated to commerce and therefore are a guildmaster...but we all have that don't we?

  5. an excellent way to sell it Jason, never even considered it! to taht extent you could have an entire store of your goods, for buyers to peruse =D

    "There are a few issues with this idea. First, is the assumption that the buyer is honest (and does not just take the expensive mats from you, etc.)"

    remedy = you randomise what you mail them per mail, keep potential at at loss, could even just tailor it to a level range 1-300 for example.

    however i feel Jason really hit it on the head with the gbank option.

    - ty markco for posting!

  6. I've been using a similar idea a few months ago, without success.

    First of, finding someone to buy a package (even with the help of your realm's forum) is very hard.
    Advertising your service in the trade chat leads to an infinite amount of 10year olds screaming out your business to be a complete scam and overpriced.

    Should you however, under these circumstances, find a buyer. He will most likely not buy it for a price above 3k gold. None of the players willing to buy such a package are aware of the fact that a profession is expensive to level, yet they buy mounts and pets for ridiculous prices. They don't seem to realize that they are investing in a profitable thing.

    As a result only the successful, rich players will be your target market. BUT these players are used to moving alot of items through the auction house, so even if they are lazy, they most likely will buy the materials themselves on the auction house.

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