Renting an Enchanter

The disenchanting option has created and destroyed several markets, but I haven't seen anyone talk about the possible uses for this new option.

Here's a very simple and unique way to use the new disenchanting option:

While farming you can have an enchanter in group but not with you to get the de option, thus allowing you to farm instances, kill world mobs, etc while your friend is in town doing something completely different. As long as you're in a group with a disenchanter all items which they can disenchant will have the appropriate loot option, regardless of distance.

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  1. I was once in an instance group with an enchanter from another server. The instance couldn't be launched, so I continued questing while we were waiting. Turns out you can disenchant in this situation too.

  2. Umm...awesome? I wonder if I could have my friend invite my enchanting main into a group, exit the game, relaunch and have him invite my instance farming DK assuming my main stays in group, just d/ced...that seems exploity though. Hmmm

  3. You don't have to rent an enchanter, you might also just log your second account. While I know many people who don't have an second account, I know a lot of people who actually do. With two accounts you can do this trick way to easily. You could even park the second char at the AH, and click pass on your main. The disenchanter gets the mats with the disenchant option and puts them on the AH right away.

  4. I actually do this with my main and a second account. Even though the main is an enchanter, I am able to farm instances and just click the DE button instead of filling up my pack and spending all that time on DE casts.

  5. It's not exploity...Just a creative use of game mechanics.

  6. As an enchanter I love grouping up with random people while questing/farming/running old instances. For instance when I farm Strat for the mount I ask someone in guild to group with me. That way the D/E become instant and I can save a lot of bag space and time.

  7. I stumbled across that couple days ago. I was farming cloth and was in group with a buddy of mine who was in another continent. I picked up a green item and the disenchant function popped up (I'm the enchanter) and I was like cooooool. Now anytime I'm farming, I group with him to auto d/e stuff as I'm picking it up.

  8. As an enchanter, I'm still a little pissed how the dungeon application of this works anyway. I feel like my profession is being hoared out against my will. When the change was implemented, a similar party roll for de-engineering, skinning, mining, or herbing mobs should have been added too.

  9. 1. Enchanting makes TONS more gold than mining/skinning/herbing (/engineering).
    2. At least regarding BOEs, everyone would be able to take and disenchant ANYWAY. With mining/skinning/herbing/engineering they would not be able to do this.

    As an enchanter (and everything else) I don't think the new system is unfair on those grounds. Additionally, I still sell a shitload of scrolls for about the same profit as before.

  10. That is music to my ears. I wonder if I could charge for it?

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