The Saronite Shuffle Lives On

Here is an email making the case that the saronite shuffle is still alive on this particular server. Is the saronite shuffle still profitable on your server?

Hey Marcko,

I was doing the saronite shuffle on my Jc regularly
when the price of eternal earths fell but so did infinite dust, so I could
barley make a profit. I looked on the AH and did some math, and if you
can get Eternal Earths for 4g each or lower, you can get Bloodstone,
Sun Crystal, Chalcedony, and Huge Citrine for 1.5g or lower, you can
craft all the 70 green rings and necks that take 2 crystallized earth
and one gem, and vendor them for 3g 14s. So for my server eternal
earths regularly hit 3g each, so per ring I make 1g, and there are
stacks and stack of both on the AH.

EpicStoryGuy(The Underbog)

11 comments: on "The Saronite Shuffle Lives On"

  1. I think too many people on my server read this blog and the JMTC Forum ... Saronite Shuffle is pretty dead there (Titanium transmutes on the other hand ...)

  2. For a while there, I stopped making daily icy prisms because the cost was a bit too high for me to justify using up the materials.

    Now, the price of frozen orbs has plummeted so much that it is actually worth buying the color of green quality gems that you need to finish off doing the recipe every single day -- especially with the chance at a dragon's eye.

  3. The shuffle is definitely alive on my server. The profitability is down from the pre-hotfix and pre-3.3 days but I still regularly pull a 60% or so profit on it.

  4. Well, infinite dust price doesn't matter if you vendor 'em, so I'm not sure how it is dead. It is also profitable on my server, just the question if its worth it in terms of gold per hour. I do it for all the sun crystals I end up with after prospecting, I have no other use for them. Vendor price is about the disenchant value now on my server - makes it an easy choice.

  5. I can only assume all the farmers on my server got banned or moved on to other things. Saronite Ore hasn't dropped under 28g a stack in a couple months now and there's rarely more than 25 auctions up at any given time. At first I didn't care because I had a huge stockpile of various gems, but as I'm nearing the end of my stash, it's starting to sting a little.

  6. hehe, I just make some random greengem from bloodcrystals (bright, delicate, bold and runed) the unperfect cuts sells for ~5-10g and the perfect cuts sells for about 20-25g. They are perfect for leveling alts.

  7. well i just saw this weekend a huge shortage in the dust market, prices were back to 1.5g ea! Saronite Ore has kept its price, somtimes droping below 16g. Earths a dirt cheap offten able to pick them up for less than 2g ea. People seam to not be running heroics as much as they once did, or not selling the mats on the AH. Maybe we suck and we are losing all the roll's to other servers, who knows?

  8. For some reason raw chalcedony and dark jade prices are sky high on my server. I regularly sell them for as much as 15g each and I am able to buy stacks of saronite for that same price. throw in blue gem cuts, vendoring/DEing rings and cutting and vendoring the rest and I can still making a pretty tidy profit on the shuffle.

  9. Your on my server... interesting.

  10. Its extroninarily profitable on my server still! I made over 1.5k just today from this! Gotta make sure there still is plenty of Eternal earths on the AH so they don't get wise though ;)

  11. 100% alive and well on my server. Prices of Saronite have fallen because people think the shuffle's dead. In a way, they're right; you're not going to be making money doing the DE stuff anymore. But the real cash is in Chalcedony and Dark Jade. These sell for 5-10g each on my server, so I figure if I can get 1 of each of these gems per stack, all the rest of the blue gems and jewelry vendoring is icing on the cake.

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