Scroll of Enchant Weapon Agility x2

Twink enchants are pretty much dead on all servers except for two key areas: Chest and Weapons.

This is due to the fact that the chest and weapons are often BOA items which are definately worth enchanting. Only problem with enchanting them is that you have to use sub 60 enchants for your lower level characters to be able to make use of the BOA items. Hence why these twinking enchants are still alive and selling well.

When selling weapon enchants, such as Agility to Weapon, keep in mind that rogues will be buying your enchant in lots of two in most cases. Some rogues like to go one firey and one agility, but most people choose one or the other for both their weapons. Keep this in mind when selling your weapon enchants.

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  1. 30 SP to a weapon is a decidedly good seller as well, seeing as it's such a rare pattern to have. Do you think it would be worth it to sell "Healing Power" instead, since now it's 29 SP, and something that I already have?

  2. The 30 spellpower or whatever out of MC seems very popular as well. A lot of profit can be made if you pick up this one.

  3. Crusader seems to be a great seller as well, with fiery being the best seller. Had 1 lifestealing up for weeks and can't give it away.

  4. I specialize in twink enchants on my server and have made HUGE profit off both +29 and +30 spellpower to weapon. It is absolutely worth selling +29 if you don't have +30 because golden pearls are much rarer than essence of water so it is much cheaper to produce +29 (at least on my server). I regularly sell +29 for 250-350g each.

    Agility to weapon and 2H weapon also used to be good profit but the goldsellers have cornered this market, as well as crusader, strength to weapon (thorium brotherhood rep), mongoose, and most of the other popular enchants.

    The nice thing about +29 and +30 is that the goldsellers seem to have a lot harder time getting that recipe so my only competition is legitimate players.

  5. The only way for me to get the +30 SP is through the AH. I saw it for a few days at several thousand gold (over 5K), I forget how much exactly. Didn't pick it up, I'm not sure I'd be able to recoup my investment.

  6. @April

    Thanks, I guess I need to start trying that with my enchanter, and bonus points for only needing a normal weapon vellum, so the costs for that are inconsequential! Talk about profit margins :D

  7. I have been selling Fiery for a while now. I usually average at least 1 a day with 2 on occasion.

    A quick question, are the Spellpower to weapons BoP? And the Agi to wep is from Furbolg rep right?

  8. @Tetradd - Agi to weapon and 2H weapon are furbolg rep, yes. Spellpower and Healing Power to weapon are not BoP, however they are extremely rare drops from MC and AQ20. I only see those patterns up for sale maybe once every 3-4 months, and when they do go up they are at least 3000g.

    I spent a total of 7000g to buy both of those patterns, and although it took a couple months to make my money back I don't regret it for a second. They are pure profit now.

    I also sell fiery weapon, but they go for about 30-35g on my server, and the mats plus vellum run about 23g, so after AH takes its 5% cut it isn't that profitable.

  9. Marcko, Marcko...twink enchants market dead beside chest and weapons ? Are you kidding ? Gloves +5/+7/+15 Agi +5/+7 Str, +10 haste; Bracers +5/+7/+9 Sta,Str,Int and +15 Str; Boots +5/+7 Sta, Agi and minor speed;

    Check them out. See how they work for you. I make a killing on my server along with the chest and weapons ones. The chest recipe for +4 to all stats (which is a very rare random world drop in Outland) I bought it from AH for 1500g. I have never seen the recipe on the AH since. The mats cost is maybe 40g tops, and I'm selling the scrolls for 170g/each. They don't last 48 hours on the AH.

    Some other 2 very good sellers, beside the traditional Crusader, Fiery, 1H Agi and 2H Agi, where the competition is tight, there are these two jewels : 2H - Savagery and 2H - Major Agility (the greatest +agi value for 2H in the game) both TBC enchants. Most of the crafters use the TBC items to make Mongoose only, but everyone is overlooking these 2, which are a real gold maker, the profit per/scroll being higher than Mongoose's one.

    Enjoy :)

  10. What I forgot to say is this: the low level enchants still sell very well, not mainly because of twinks (although there are plenty in my bg) but because of alts. I like the %xp bonus from heirlooms, but I also want to kill mobs faster, to have a bigger health pool and move faster overall. Enchants can help accomplish this.

    I leveled a hunter on the opposite faction and I've noticed that some pieces of gear, if you get them, they last you for 10-15 levels. This is one more good reason to make the enchant worth the investment.

    Also they announced Cataclysm for this year. And we all know what's gonna happen when the Northrend/Lich King fever will start to fade in a few months, as Cata launch will come closer and closer. People will focus on alts even more...

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