Selling 32 Slot Profession Bags

One of my staple money makers are profession bags... let's take a look at why they sell so well shall we?

People buy a profession bag because they are running out of space or preparing to create a major crafting alt. When I'm running out of space or creating a crafting alt I want my bags... NOW. Therefore, demand is not always present for these bags but when it does appear, supply is often very low and a person buying these bags more often than not buys multiple bags at a time.

I sell my bags in lots of four for each 32 slot type and either I sell them all in a 24 hour period or none sell. That's just how the demand for these bags works so don't get discouraged if you have difficulty selling at first. Geting the mats as cheap as possible and posting for 200% profit seems to work best for me. On weekends I post for 300% profit with about the same success rate as weekly sales.

Do you sell 32 slot profession bags?

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  1. the mining bags have been huge profit for me, the inscription bags are usually up on the ah on my server for less than the cost of mats

  2. I see the mining + inscription bags... what other bags are there?

  3. Funny thing is Most people don't even know that the Engineering bags will hold motes, primals, crystallized, and Eternals. So they are ver useful.

  4. I am a tailor and none of the bags I can make sell for a profit on my server.

  5. @Cold

    Same with the enchanting bags actually. Wouldn't be surprised if other bags hold them too.

  6. The leatherworking bags hold every "flavor" of the eternals ... very handy!

    The mining bags hold some of them (earth and fire at least, maybe others) but I don't think they hold all of them.

  7. I always pick up the bags sold by the vendor at Terrokar Forest outside of Shattrath and resell on the AH for around 40g each - its a nice little additional earner even though I don't have a tailor

  8. Mycah's herb bag sells well and for a major profit. I sold 8 last week. My bottleneck is that I refuse to pay more than 25g for the primal waters, so I either farm the motes or wait for sales.

    The emerald bag doesn't sell well. There's too much competition for moonshroud to make them profitable.

  9. I don't sell any of the 32 slot bags, the mats are too pricey for those. I do manage to sell some of the profession bags:

    I sell the Cenarion Herb bags for 65-70g each. I sell 4-5 a week. The mats run me about 45g a week.

    I sell 1-3 Big Bags of Enchantment a week, for 115g each. Mats costs me about 20-25g per bag.

    I sell 1-2 Bag of Jewels (Consortium rep) a week, for about 105g. Mats cost me about 25 g (price of the imbued netherweave fluctuates, but I am really stingy about this one, because I sometimes have to relist this one 2-3 times).

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