Suggestion Box Friday - Castaclysm?

News Around JMTC

A whole new podcast is coming out very soon, it's called Castaclysm: A World of Warcraft Cataclysm Podcast, and I will be co-hosting it along with my gladiator 2's partner Thunderion and his brother Jhaman who are both excellent players in world of warcraft. We'll be able to discuss all topics regarding the events leading up to and following Cataclysm: Pvp, pve, and gold making! Bookmark the page and keep an eye out for the first episode which will be coming out hopefully some time next week.

The other podcast I'm currently a part of: Call to Auction had it's 6th episode recorded last night, so check my twitter feed for when that gets released as well. Have you checked out the previous episodes on making gold in world of warcraft? Definitely worth your while and of course the beauty of podcasting is that you can listen to it while you do what you would normally do in the game anyway.


How long would it take you to make 1,000 gold on a new server with a level 1? What would you do to get starter cash and then to make that 1,000 gold? I am currently filming this for my gold guide and will be releasing it whenever I get to that 1k benchmark (hopefully sooner rather than later with how busy I am). I will of course be releasing the information I use to the blogging community in the form of my daily posts, but I will keep the videos for gold guide holders.

What will happen to frost lotus with the change coming next tuesday (possibly)? I plan on buying frost lotus for 70% or less of the current cost and resell for my prediction of 80% normal value that it will eventually settle at. I talked about this in call to auction episode 6 and am interested what this community thinks.

The Home Front

I've lost 55 pounds so far since I started losing weight 6 months ago. I went from struggling through a set of pushups to doing them one handed and from jogging a couple miles to running them full speed. Looking forward to keeping busy with two podcasts, the Wow Gold Guide, the Wow Gold Forums, the Wow Gold Digest (sign up slackers!), my newest book on Blogging to Make Money, and of course this amazing blogging community.

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  1. I'm looking forward to the Castaclysm Podcast, but the Intro is way to long and I don't have any profile to leave a comment there

  2. I was in the position not too long ago of starting on a new server and needing some money. Mind you, I wanted a playable character much more than I wanted to "win" the auction game, and I still mainly focused on the auction at my main server, so it took me quite a lot of real time; but the game time didn't feel long at all. What I did:

    1. Start with a death knight and an auction alt.
    2. Finish the starter quests, and alternately scan the AH with the alt.
    3. Mail all the miscellaneous junk I'd accumulated to the alt (cloth, some potions, etc), along with 10 gold for listing fees.
    4. Sell that stuff for a quick profit. Send some of the profit back to main for training, basic supplies, etc.
    5. Outland. Do some quests and pick up a few BOE greens and some more trade goods. Send them to alt.
    6. Start scanning some more, and now begin adding the items to snatch list which appear to be most profitable, as long as they're white/green crafting items of recognized value.
    7. Spend as much as you can to buy low, while retaining only a small amount of gold for listing fees.
    8. Sell normal, rinse and repeat.

    My estimate is that if I had been focusing on this server full time, it would have taken me maybe a week to get to 1000 gold. I wouldn't want to take big risks on unusual items like blue armor etc., because it takes a while for your averages on Auctioneer to reflect reality. Buying only "safe" items, after a few rounds of 48 hour listings you pass a threshold where you can buy everything you can afford. After that you don't need to work hard to hold back gold for listing fees.

    Of course then you will want to blow 300 on your flier, but still.

  3. Envy you those one handed pushups, wrecked shoulders hold me back.

    As far as starting a lvl 1 and pushing it to 1k gold on a new server... I'd have to say my methods would vary wildly on the server. So my first project would be research, research, research.

  4. I don't think Frost Lotus prices will change much, it seems like blizzard just changed the drop rate from 5% to 7.5%

  5. I just cracked 100k so I couldn't stand at this point going to another server. I just put on auction my first blacksmith made item toc 25 dps chest plate for 3k. I only had 30k in November

  6. I started warrior on a new (recommended) server in TBC with herbalism/skinning. I had 1k gold around level 20 without trying much. I'd say about 70% of the money came from reselling stuff on AH. New server brings inexperienced players (at least it did in TBC) and they simply don't know how to navigate in WoW economy. Herbalism and skinning were by far the biggest money makers when I hit Outland.

    I'm not sure how this experience helps in WoTLK though. The dynamics of WoW economy have changed quite a bit.

  7. will your book be in stores?

  8. takes me about 7 days, fliping weapons and armor. I start with around 4-5gp, which I get by going around and purchasing items from vendors and marking them up. If you count gold and product, at the end of 7 days I usually have about 1500gp total.

    I dont have nearly the success with 3k a day. but my toons have collected 50K and 30K respectivly.

  9. Hey Guys,

    with the new vendor Frozo who is selling frostlotus for frozen orbs, i assume the frostlotus price will fall below the 80% you predict, at least at my server.
    I'm stockpiling the Frozen Orbs right now, buying them for 10g, and hope it'll pay off.

    Thanks for ur blog marcko btw ;>

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