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What is Suggestion Box Friday?

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer. It's when I, Markco, the gold making guru, pvp gladiator, destroyer of small rabbits, and overall nice guy descend from my frozen primordial saronite throne and allow you, the lovable yet amateur auctioneer, to make heads or tails out of the world of warcraft auction house for the day in my stead. (You get to comment about whatever you want.) That being said, I try to keep the discourse regarding this post productive by relaying news and discussion topics.


Episodes 3 and 4 have arrived for the Call to Auction... will you answer the call? If you haven't heard Faeglas, Euripides and your favorite gold guru make fools out of ourselves for over an hour each episode then you definitely want to get listening and catch up to the current episode. (If you read favorite gold guru and didn't think Markco or at least one of the millionaires on the wow gold forums then I am super pissed at you).

Discussion Topics

  1. How is the look and feel of the new site layout? Is it easy to navigate as well as visually pleasing? Criticism is appreciated!
  2. Have you enjoyed the discussion of Cataclysm on this blog?
  3. Are you new and in need of noob friendly posts? Perhaps linkage to past posts that would prove useful?
  4. Are you ready for the next gold contest? Any suggestions on format?
  5. What do you think of the How I Wow podcast?
You may have noticed that I have been working very hard to create a place where all forms of media (youtube, xfire, blog, forums, twitter, email, etc.) are available to players trying to make gold in world of warcraft and have a fun place to communicate with their fellow auctioneers. My goal with this blog is not just to allow you to pick my brain and interact with me, but also with the thousands of fellow auctioneers who stop by here every single day. How am I doing, where can I improve, etc. Consider this week's suggestion box friday your chance to influence the places that I take this blog this year. After all, this blog is far more than just a blog; it's a growing community and you are a member of that community. Why not take the chance to have a say in your own future?

11 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday - Site Updates and Gold Podcasts"

  1. "How I WoW" was a great podcast. Possibly the best ever.


  2. We should have you on the show Shawn :D

  3. Hey Makco, please remove that thing on your homepage with the armory feed (the "Would you run from this?") - it is really really slowing down your page load.

  4. I really don't like the buttons, tbh. I dunno, guess I was attached to the old look. However, there is something irky about the buttons.

  5. I personally would complain about the load speed of the page, but it's more my spotty 3g coverage than the site. In general, now that I know what I'm looking at it's not too obnoxious, but it felt cluttered the first few views.

    Secondly, I think the cataclysm coverage (for lack of a better term) is really just weakly based speculation (though not totally baseless). We simply don't know what cat will bring, and so guessing at how to deal with it is just that, guessing.

  6. I really like the new site.

    I don' really like fridays for the suggestion box thing though. :/

  7. I missed Scholomance on my mains, because level 58 = Outland. Now that I've been 80 for a while, I've been going out and checking some of the old world content.

    Three tips for Scholomance.

    1. Do the quest to get the key. (It counts toward the keymaster achievement.)

    2. Scholomance is the best place to farm for runecloth, hands down. 30 minutes of farming trash mobs on my first run there and I had about 14 stacks of runecloth. (Woulda been faster, but I was reading all the books and snooping around.)

    3. Scholomance is also a great place to fish. There's an undead boss in a flooded crypt, and once you've killed him and his adds, there are no re-spawns. And you get high-level, old world fish that sell ridiculously well because no one is bothering to fish for them. Lightning eels? Check. Nightfin whatevers? Check.

    Scholomance is also great, because the mobs go down really fast and each one drops an average of 20-30 silver, not counting vendor trash. You can also get some BoE gear for the 53-56 crowd ~ nice to have wildvine gear when heading to Outland!

  8. How I WoW was the best podcast ever. I loved its format, and its how I found Marcko! I met Shawn at my local Best Buy while we were waiting for Wrath. He is a cool guy, you should totally have him on your show.

    I like the new design, very clean. I like the buttons too.

    I would avoid Cataclysm stuff until we have more solid information. This is a gold blog, not a news site.

  9. I'm not a fan of the layout and information architecture.

    Would you ever move to Wordpress with your own hosting?


  10. It seems as if you've removed the armory profile, which should help load speeds for some people.

    I would suggest just making another button, and linking it to the armory. That way people still have easy means of access to it, but it won't actually be on the screen.

  11. I really loved How I wow, I liked the way Patrick and Shawn talked about the show for an hour afterwards. That was so much fun.

    I like the new buttons!! It's neat and orderly and now I can find the forums link more easily!

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