Suggestion Box Friday - Time is Money?

What is Suggestion Box Friday?

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer. It's when I, Markco, the gold making guru, pvp gladiator, destroyer of small rabbits, and overall nice guy descend from my frozen primordial saronite throne and allow you, the lovable yet amateur auctioneer, to make heads or tails out of the world of warcraft auction house for the day in my stead (you get to comment about whatever you want). That being said, I try to keep the discourse regarding this post productive by relaying news and discussion topics.

Where to Farm Lovely Charms after the Recent Nerf


  • Episode 5 of the Call to Auction.
  • Wow Confidential had an excellent interview where at 7:00 minutes in he gave an awesome answer to the MMO-Champion article that we discussed on Call to Auction. I won't spoil what he said so head on over to the elitists podcast to find out.
  • Worked on the Wow Gold Guide and managed to convert my first video to flash! I plan to soon convert all the videos from wmv within the guide as well as add a video on how to go from 0 gold to 1000 gold on any server in a week (no dk requried).
  • Working on the next gold guide competition, I plan on making it a little more fun this time around.

Discussion Topics

What value do you place on your time, specifically in leveling alts for cataclysm? Gold guide holders know that you can make a lot of gold leveling a character, BUT will it make up for the time you invested instead of playing your main farming the auction house or mobs? Do you value the end result of having new professions and possibly cooldowns or dailies? Since cataclysm is coming soon, do you value getting all your characters to level 80 over making gold now even with the possibility of inflation?

4 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday - Time is Money?"

  1. Personally i value playing the game and learn about how each class work's not only so i know how to counter in pvp but also so i can help and advise those who dont even know their own class.

    i recently made a post on my blog detailing my plan's for cataclysm and how i plan to have one of each class to at least lvl 75 before cataclysm most with proffesions which i assume will have cooldown's [transmute's/cloth's/metal's/jc daily's] and enough professions to be almost completely self sufficent .

    interested by the gold compatition too

  2. It depends on your situation. Discounting "fun", it may still be worthwhile. For instance, if you have no level 80s, I'm sure you could financially justify the time investment as having two max-level professions by the increase in gold/hour that comes with this. If you have eight max-level characters already, you'd likely never make up the opportunity cost as you already have availability of all professions. You can still level up that ninth, but you will likely be paying (in time) for the "fun" of leveling.

    That being said, I'm making a conscious decision to do just this. I have maybe 3 hours in a day to play. I choose to spend 75 minutes using a stream-lined process utilizing professions from 4 max level characters, and 105 minutes leveling two mid-level characters. I'm aware that I may never make up the time investment of the leveling #5&6, but I'm willing to pay this out due to my personal enjoyment of the leveling process. And once these characters ARE max level, I will be able to increase my gold/hour even more.

    Putting numbers to my thoughts (as I'm not articulate enough to sufficiently explain)... I have 3 hours a day to play. Within a 75 minute (mostly afk) process utilizing four max-level characters, I'm able to make ~3k gold, which comes out to approximately 2.4k gold/hour. If I were to theoretically spend all 3 hours working on making gold I would definitely make more, but my rate of earning would drop sharply. Say I was able to make (a totally arbitrary value of) 1.5k gold in the last 105 minutes. This drops my rate of earning from 2.4k gold/hour in the first 75 mins to 850 gold/hour in the last 105 mins (total combined of 1.5k gold/hour). I'd prefer to pay the 1.5k gold daily to spend 105 minutes a day leveling my toons discounting of the future profit they will afford me.

  3. it really depends on what you enjoy pvp, raid, achiements. i have spending lees time raiding so i just do a few dailies, and farm for rep on my main a frostfire mage eh its just i tend to wander from raiding to achievements. i guess im doing the achievement till i get bored

  4. I have a comfortable 10,000g slowly growing in my coffers so I never really have to worry about making gold, sure I dedicate a fair amount of time to it each day but since I don't have to worry about gold I get to concentrate on having fun, and I find leveling alts to be pretty fun.

    Atm I am leveling a lvl 70 rogue (did not start it in BC, just dinged 70), a lvl 62 DK on a server other than my main, and a lvl 36 druid. I find the journey funner then the end result, atm ICC just seems a little boring, plus my guild would breeze through all the first few bosses in ICC then get tripped up and just not get anymore progression done, so I raided one, maybe two nights out of a week which gave me plenty of time to focus on leveling my alts.

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