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Read this story about a satisfied player who found this website and then if you'd like post your own in the comments section!
"Yesterday morning I was just deciding that I needed a new way to augment my selective farming gold income.  So after my weekly Cranius fix on youtube, I spotted one of your awesome (albeit quiet) films about making gold in WoW. I was impressed by what i saw and followed the link to your site. After jotting down a couple notes and installing Auctioneer I drank some coffee until my server came back online. I decided to put your methods to the test in a 24hr test run.  My pally had just under 200 gold on him at the time and that felt like a good beginning amount.  what happened next far exceeded my expectations. In 5 hours of simply buying saronite ore at 40% market and selling the bars in pairs, I had doubled my money. Then I used that 400 gold to bid on nearly 300 Auctions all over the place from herbs to epic armor.  I then pried myself away from the screen in order to simulate a "normal" play cycle (though in my excited state I could have pulled an all nighter). Today I logged in to find about 30% of my bids had been a success and those auctions brought me up to the gold total you see here with about 600g pending in unsold merchandise.

Just under 24 hours after discovering your site and installing Auctioneer, I have turned 193g into 1,144g.  The attached screenshot shows exactly that via Auctioneer's bean Counter (the gold amount isn't displayed in my bags because i deposit my money straight into GB).  So in very rough summary, I picked up one Addon, watched one of your youtube videos, browsed your site during scheduled maintenance, and one day later I am making gold at an exponential rate.  Thank you very much! In case you wonder my personal favorite place to farm is Hellfire Ramparts: Three 20 slot bags full of junk along with an enchanting bag full of disenchanted  blues does not take long to acquire and the monetary return is the best I've found so far.  My toon's name is Aunigma on Fizzcrank-US so if any credit is due send it his way :-).  

Thanks again!"

I believe that Aunigma had come across this video on selling items in world of warcraft.

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  1. Hmm just a quick question. I'm a pretty hardcore in-game pet collector. If you buy grunty's code for gold. Is that against ToS or would that be perfectly fine?

  2. How jaded I have become. reading the post I was reminded how magical the discovery of the AH can be. I produces a minimum of 500gp a day and have forgotten those simpler times. I discovered the Ah because on my first toon I fished and in STV I fished a lot of chests, back then the revelation of using the AH to collect 70gp a day fishing was awesome. I now have 1000's of gold and I think I am ready to do a CAP run. I am a little concerned but I think I have finally figured out the formula for 1000+ a day (which is tough to get to consistently).

    Good luck to you and welcome to the club.

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