Ten Reasons to be an Auctioneer in World of Warcraft

1. You get to show off the gold to beggars when they ask for 1 copper (or you can be a gentleman and point them to the boars outside your major city).2. The joy of opening a mail box that never seems to be empty.
3. Farmers send you shocked thank you letters after you buy their entire stock.
4. Gold goals don't just get surpassed, they get crushed.
5. World of warcraft houses one of the best examples of the laissez faire economy and it's really fun to watch how it ticks.
6. At Gold Limit.
7. You spend half the time posting the person next to you does and you post 10x as many items thanks to your handy addons.
8. Making money while you sleep is fun!
9. The ladies love a man with big money bags (ladies- guys love a sugar momma!).
10. Market manipulation will make you twirl your evil mustache.

Add to the list in the comments section!

Unrelated News: Call to Auction Episode 3 should be out sometime today. I apologize for the delay and we're going to roll out multiple episodes in rapid succession to make up for the lost week. The Call to Auction is here, will you answer the call?

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  1. 11. The price of that awesome Mechano Hog and that Vendor/Repair Mammoth goes from AMAGADICANTAFFORDTHAT to chump change

  2. 12. You can always find some item that a friend who is depressed would like and might cheer them up.

    13. Vanity pets and mounts are no longer outside your reach.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  3. The awesome answers; "OMG","WTF", "NO WAY" in guild chat when you reach the gold cap. So enjoyable when people go omgwtfbbqsauce and spam you with questions how the hell you did it.

  4. Buying a traveler's tundra mammoth at level 40 so your alt has vendors while leveling. Three times.

  5. 12. Being able to afford BoE upgrades and deck out a new 80 in a few minutes is priceless.

  6. 12. The most elitist jerks in your guild gawk at your auctions.

  7. 12. Cus mo money does not equal mo problems in the World of Warcraft



  9. - Gearing yourself in Gold DKP runs, knowing that you have first dibs on anything that drops.

    - Casually buying a rare super drop like deathbringer's will in said GDKP runs for 100k, and casually commenting that it's not a lot of gold.

    - Having guildies, friends and competitors alike refering to you as "the Don"

    - Receiving fan mails and whispers from strangers.

    - Receiving hate mails and whispers from angry competitors.

    - Being able to app to any guild on your server, and they already know who you are.

    - Logging on to 'do the rounds', and people in trade chat are talking about you and your AH dominance.

    - Chinese farmers look for YOU to sell you their herbs / ore. Not the other way around.

    - Guildies and friends ask your permission before they post competing auctions.

    - Whatever you say is absolute law regarding making gold. "Oh yeah, I made all my gold by spamming my "GOLD PLZ!!!!11" macro at the mailbox in Ironforge."

    - The absolute best perk of being an Auctioneer in WoW: You know about JM2C, the associated forum, and the dynamite Podcast, Call to Auction.

  10. Last one is best :D evil moustache twirling ftw

  11. I think this entry brings up a few good ideas for the future...and ones we don't always talk about.

    - What changes has wealth brought to you? This is primarily in the prestige of obtaining lots of wealth from frequenters of trade chat, and from guildies.

    Many people have already add on the comments they receive from strangers or guildies. I am known as "the guild jew," eventhough I am not jewish. I'm also referred to if anyone needs a price quote or tip for making gold.

    - What do you do with your wealth?

    I like the comment about helping a guildie, or cheering up a friend with a new shiny. I make it my obligation to offer new 80s in the guild an introductory set of iLVL 200+ gear so they can jump directly into any heroic or Naxx.

    Sometimes I literally try to give it away...most people don't take me up on my offer though. So I go out of my way to send our hunters stacks of arrows/bullets, or the officers who are cooks, stacks of meat for feasts.

  12. Nice read Sovash, really made me laugh. And yeah, buying a Tundra Traveler on a level 40 on peak times on Dalaran was the best thing ever done, the whispers, oh god; both the whispers from strangers and from guildies, sooo funny how they go crazy.

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