When Do You Craft Your Items?

Many players have their own little system for crafting items and others just do it whenever they have the free time to do it. Personally, I follow a very basic system of crafting on the weekends when I have the most time for it. I also tend to pick up the most deals for crafting mats on the weekends anyway, so I'll do a scan on a Saturday or Sunday morning and grab the goods I need for crafting. I also tend to have a bank tab or two of goods from my snatch scans earlier in the week.

I know several players that craft their goods every night before they go to sell them because they don't like to invest the time and have lots of extra mats waiting in their bags to be posted on the auction house after the first batch or two sells. They'd rather craft and post with no reserves versus the system that I use.

So how do you divide your time during the week to craft items for resale purposes?

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  1. i tend to craft on the weekends to - although for the past few weeks i have re visited my old server and decided to take over their glyph market for shit and giggles (yeah im that bored)

    so have been having to craft on a nightly to every other night basis since i dont have the same amount of capital to work with and stock up on glyphs with (although up to all of 4 classes now just the other 5 to go >.<)

  2. i tend to craft every morning and sometimes horde things for a future time to make up for the fact that the herb supplier wont be selling 20 stacks of icethorn for 9G a stack! sometime i dont craft and just relist its whaever i have time for really. weekends is buying things usually but i try to put 150 actions up at every day

  3. I craft whenever I need to restock.

    I also supernerd this game and play 16/hrs a day 7 days a week.

  4. @Anonymous
    It's sad to hear that...

    I often craft saturday afternoon for the whole week for the glyph market and I craft friday night before my ICC raid for JC stuff (for the whole week again)

  5. You don't use quartz?


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