20,000 Gold Contest for Call To Auction Listeners

Attention Call to Auction listeners!

The following has been decreed!
At 7:30 PM eastern time on Sunday, the 28th of March, there shall be a give away unprecedented in the history of WoW gold podcasts.

Faeghleis is trying to decide what to do with his gold before his retirement until Cataclysm. He has decided to give a 20,000 gold prize to the lucky, skilled, intrepid, valiant, lucky character who wins our contest!

The first contestant to open a trade window with Faeghleis, a dwarf hunter on the Onyxia-US realm, while flagged pvp will get the bounty!

Well, we're not making this that easy for you. You will have to go through Markco to get to Faeghleis. Markco is a level 80 prot warrior gladiator pvp enthusiast, who will be doing his utmost to prevent you from getting to Faeghleis.

They will both be in the cave to the southern end of coldridge valley, the dwarven starting area. You must be level 3 or under to win the prize, you must be flagged, and you must be in the call to auction guild. 

Show up a few minutes early to get an invite to the guild.

The prize money will be awarded on the Khaz-goroth US server- if you want to transfer it from there to your primary server, that's your choice. There will, however, be a Faeghleis sized hole in the Khaz-Gorath economy soon after the end of this contest.

13 comments: on "20,000 Gold Contest for Call To Auction Listeners"

  1. Make sure to post a video of this, this is going to be fun to watch

  2. Läderpojken said... March 22, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    Livestream would be even more awesome. I would have joined in if I had a US account but could be fun enough to watch.

  3. Until lvl 80's swarm to help their friends get the gold swatting him in 2 seconds

  4. I'll be in for that chance, I play on Khaz'gorath so no need to transfer any funds for me :D

    An extra 20k would double my liquid stocks and get me one step closer to server domination...mwaahaahaa

  5. It would take at least 3 very geared/skilled 80's...

  6. What if I just sheep you and get my friend to run in and trade?

  7. The really interesting point, in my opinion, is whether Faeghlis plays ally or horde side on Khaz. If ally, I might find things easier soon, if horde, I should maybe transfer an off server toon to fill in some holes. The 20k isn't such a big deal.

  8. As is stated in the podcast. If lvl 80's decide to swarm we will suspend the event.

  9. @Markco
    And what makes you think that only one person brings a group of three?
    If just 5 people have that idea, you're toast. And because it's 20k gold I think more then one person will think of it, especially now that it has been written on your blog.
    Very fun idea though.

  10. Keep in mind, I have very powerful friends :)

    They will help me kill any annoying 80's that show up...

  11. Of course, there is the 80's that just might want to be there for entertainment purposes.

  12. Alliance on Khaz'goroth

  13. Very interesting and potentially fun event!
    Of course, even if someone brings 5 lvl 80 buddies, who's to say my newly-created lvl 3 alt doesn't swoop in and claim the prize? Your friends may try to clear a path, but anyone can open trade. :)

    (btw, I won't be there - I don't log on that early in the day).

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