Accept Summon for Halaa Raid - WAIT WTF?!

This was an absolutely hillarious prank we played back in the day during burning crusade. Lots and lots of people were injured in the making of this film. Halaa Raid Summoning Prank FTW!

9 comments: on "Accept Summon for Halaa Raid - WAIT WTF?!"

  1. Skypíráte - Kilrogg said... March 4, 2010 at 8:06 AM

    Haha we've been recently doing this at Naxxramas XD

  2. That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh :D

  3. I remember doing something similar in vanilla, but instead of falling we'd summon people really deep under water, so (unless they were undead) they'd drown before reaching the surface. The lock would conveniently provide us with the water-breathing.

  4. Just as much fun is bringing a mind controlling priest to the summon stone of Blackrock depths during the start of brewfest

  5. Skypirate? At eu kilrogg? I play there too, are you an ally or a horde : ) ?

  6. Hey Markco, I'm sorry to tell you that your video is banned in Germany because you used content of WMG and Sony Music Entertainment... I would have liked to laugh too :-(

  7. Thanks Markco For a very funny laugh!! Showed my mates the vid too their laughing their heads off :)

  8. You can do this on the floating rocks outside of dalaran too, just put a summoning stone on the edge of the rock and face the edge when you begin the summon

  9. Simply outstanding!

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