Bag of Jewels

Hi Marcko

Dont know if this mail be will read or if you already know this, but Bag

of Jewels, the 24-slot JC bag, is a nice way for easy profit. I dont sell
it in large quantities, but since there is no competion at all they go for
100 gold a piece (50-60g profit). I sell about 4-5 a week.

Kind regards

Mcschnitzel, Dragonblight EU

Thanks for the email Mcshnitzel, although I have covered this sort of thing before it never hurts to remind people!

2 comments: on "Bag of Jewels"

  1. Dang ...there goes my little corner of the market.

  2. I'm slightly more cheeky with the price: 130 bid, 150 buy. They dont sell very often, but no one has undercut me in the month or so since I got the recipie.
    Mostly that was due to leveling up jewelcrafting, and feeling the lack of jc bags on the AH.

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