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Flip High Priced Items for Large Profit

This is a guest post by Will from Where he runs a blog posting daily WoW gold making articles.

Auction house buying and selling is one of the best ways to make gold in WoW and can be done very quickly if you utilize the /auc getall command to scan the auction house in a couple minutes.
However for those with deeper pockets there is a more lucrative side to buy low sell normal that isn't done on the auction house but is actually accomplished via the trade channel, a channel I usually avoid since it takes up valuable time to barter when you could just throw the items on the AH and move on with your gold making.
This method entails buying up high priced items with lowball offers via the trade channel but you must know a few vital things before partaking in this risky but potentially extremely profitable activity.

How to Find a Flip

Many high ticket items are announced for sale by players in the trade channel because they are so excited to have won a roll on a high priced BoE that they know can fetch upwards of 10k and are eager to get rid of it so they can buy up the other items they always wanted.
Most of the time you can count on people broadcasting items in trade chat to be a bit on the desperate and impatient end, many of these items take a little bit of time to sell since the niche of players that have 10k on hand to buy them are few.
You can usually lowball these offers but the trick in negotiating is to know what your profit margins are and most importantly to know inside and out the average price and demand for that particular item.

Know When To Flip and How Much

The most important element of a successful high priced item flip is to be very sure of the items current value and if the price trend is stable (headed up, down or steady).
There are a few ways to accomplish this:
  1. Obviously step #1 is to first check the auction house for the item and see if there are any lower auctions than the average.
  2. Download the addon Market Watcher and run scans daily on a few high priced items, this will show a graph of the average and lowest priced item currently on the auction house in a graph. If the line is stable for a few weeks you can be sure the item won't drop dramatically, if the graph has extreme high's and lows be sure to grab it at the lowest point possible.
    Stable - Battered hilts sell for 10k or more almost always.
    battered hilt price history
    Unstable - Artic fur can go from 25g to 75g overnight.arctic fur price history
  3. By following these graphs you will start to develop a feel for the item and know what constitutes a high price, an average price and a good buying price. You are now ready to act on any flipping opportunities announced in trade chat.

Figuring out a Price

Armed with this knowledge you are now ready to act on a flip, here's a quick case study of a typical flip:
Battered Hilt
Price: Sells consistently for 10k - 11k gold on my server, never seen it below this price on the auction house.
Auction House Cut: 5%  or 500g
Acceptable Profit: 2,000g
Spot someone in trade channel announcing a high priced item you're looking for.
spot battered hilt resale
Sometimes people will be tough, just know you're desired profit margin and don't go below that, reply with a polite "no ty"  they will either accept your offer or hold onto the item.

And other times you'll get a desperate seller accept the offer right off the cuff
another battered hilt flip
In the latter case, I knew I already had 1 battered hilt now for 8k and decided if I was to pick up another I'd go lower to 7.5k,  looks like it worked.
Potential Profit gained in 15 minutes of buying/selling flipped items: 4,500g

Suggested High Priced Items to Flip

Here are some suggestions I have based on current market conditions, make sure you keep in mind to not invest more than 30% (or a large portion) of your total gold amount into flips.
Battered Hilt
Primordial Saronite (Item is on a downward trend on most servers, buy at a very discounted price)
ICC BoE's (These always fall in price a week before new content patch, so stop flipping or expect dramatic drop in prices beforehand)
Rare Gems (not usually found at a discount but a very stable and easy to flip item. Keep in mind that when Honor token change comes in effect that there will be a flood of players turning in tokens for gems thus lowering the price)
Darkmoon Card: Greatness and Nobles Deck (People desperate to sell Nobles Decks when the Darkmoon Faire isn't on, hang on to these until you can convert them to cards)
Rare Companion Pets - ex: Razzashi Hatchling
Bulk Sales of Eternal Fire/Eternal Life - You'll sometimes see players shouting in trade WTS 20 STACKS of eternal fire fast PST, great buying opportunity to lowball and offer 50% of value. (keep in mind frozen orb trade in change incoming 3.3.3)
That is it for now, good luck with your flips and be sure to take into consideration speculation on item demand and not to buy up items just before a major content patch, unless you know that item will go up in value. Markco discusses major shifts in item prices and patch speculation on his podcast Call to Auction.

This was a guest post by Will from Where he runs a blog posting daily WoW gold making articles.

8 comments: on "Battered Hilt - Profit Analysis by Wow Confidential"

  1. Fantastic Post

  2. I've seen a few eternal markets tanking lately and have invested a few hundred gold into each of these eternals: Shadow, Earth, and Water. I'm talking as low as 2g per.

    I have to wonder now if the market price will return on these items post patch. Frozen Orbs will lower the price of some eternal, but so long as frozen orbs are more expensive than the other eternals, it leads me to believe that some will spend less time farming these eternals, perhaps raising their price.

    Does anyone see any merit to this claim?

  3. i like this!

  4. Nice post, Will!
    I've been flipping Primordial Saronites for some time; they've dropped to 1800 AH on my server, so I spot the trade channel sellers and offer them 1200-1400, and get a sale about 50% of the time.
    I'll have to start flipping Battered Hilts - I've finally built up my gold reserves after buying my Shadow's Edge (60+k in gold for the Primordial Saronites at the time).

  5. Good post. The one thing you say that makes me think you might give people a false sense of security is that if you buy a stable item for a low price, you will surely make profit. This is absolutely UNTRUE, as patches and other game changes can drastically alter the prices of items that were once stable (take Crusader Orbs or Frozen Orbs for example). As we are nearing the end of the expansion, this will be especially true. People should make sure they invest less and less into this type of flipping as Cataclysm gets nearer and nearer.

    But otherwise, great post!

  6. I was able to snatch a hilt yesterday in trade chat for 8.5k, down from the 11k the seller was offering. Promptly flipped it in the AH less than 2 hours later for 14.5k.

    I <3 the AH.

  7. I honestly bought battered hilt for 10 gold xD no joke you can come onto the bladefist eu server anytime and /w Undeadsword :P

  8. The flipping of rare gems is very nice. About 90% of the time I find a blue quality gem for cheap and being a JC from early wrath have all the recipes. You often find the gems being sold for 3g each if your on a server like boulderfist, well that's the way it is for horde anyways. I often cut and resell the gems as popular gem cuts for 20-30 g. Depends on the gem, and do not use scarlet rubies. Flipping them isn't nearly so profitable. I currently have 60k g thanks to this. Started at 5k, but it is not overnight. Be warned! You will have to claw your way up against many auctioneers, but not nearly as many as other markets, such as enchanting materials. The only drawback is you cannot get into this market as easily as others, and that is why there are so few Auctioneers for it.

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