Eternal Earths Up... why?


I've been doing the "modified saronite shuffle" (buying cheap gems and eternal earths, crafting rings/necks, and vendoring them for a 50s-1g profit) as a way to make some quick gold while getting back on my feet after a server transfer. When I first got to the server there was a plentiful supply of sub 4g eternal earths, and I snapped them all up. But now, the prices seem to have skyrocketed. For the last week or so, prices aren't getting below 6g or so (where I'm at break even or losing gold depending on if I can find VERY cheap gems). I've built up a large supply or orange/yellow/red gems (500+ sitting in my bags atm), but I have NO eternals left. I don't want to get stuck with all these gems, but the prices on the eternals would leave me at a fairly large loss if I bought them, and farming up enough eternals would take forever, and I don't have the time for it.

Is there something I can do to either A) bring the price of eternals down or B) repurpose my gems. Gem prices aren't high enough for me to make a profit on selling them off. I probably don't have enough gold (a bit over 6k) to manipulate the eternals market, and I don't have the time to farm up eternals.

I have access to 450 JC/LW/Mining/Skinning - not sure the LW/Skin are much help here.



I checked my server the day of this post just to be sure and the eternal earths had not changed one bit since frozen orb changes were announced. As I explained to Stig, I believe this was simply a strange move by locals on his server attempting to raise the price of eternal earths to that of frozen orbs. Now this is an impossible task because even though frozen orbs are technically worth one eternal earth (technically not because this is not the best value for an orb), some person(s) believed that it was wise to buy them up and relist for the price of a frozen orb.

If this theory is incorrect, then the only explanation is that you are just buying too many and creating additional demand for the earths and thus the price goes up. You could stop buying them for a few days until the price gets back down to below what you're looking for. Perhaps even several people have decided to do exactly what you're doing and they will most likely stop buying as well while they wait for the price to go down.

I would suggest that Stig makes use of trade chat to help get eternals a little cheaper, and offer slightly more than the 4 gold normal that he is used to. Regardless of why the earths are cheaper, you should make use of trade chat and wait for the prices to drop again.

Thanks for the question Stig, anyone here have additional thoughts/comments they'd like to add?

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  1. try the opposite faction AH

  2. Perhaps he is buying his gems and saronite too high.

    One eternal earth makes 10 gems. A 2g increase in price increases your cost by 20s.

    Maybe if his profit margin is 20s, the shuffle is already not profitable regardless of earth prices.

    I might just be lucky on my server gems @1g-1.5g each

  3. Had it also in the beginning of the saronite shuffle while not many ppl didn't knew it yet.
    But i stopped buying them from the ah for a while or put some on for a lower price helping to drop the price abit more.You can also go to icecrown or sholozar basin and /1 macro to buy eternals.

    This helped me out alot also try to look for crossfaction deals can be good also on an imbalanced population realm.

  4. Any situation that allows us to *vendor* items in bulk for a profit isn't going to remain a secret for long. Word gets out, people start taking advantage of it, and prices rise back up to where they where. (If they don't, Blizzard will change the vendor price of the rings. They've done it to everything else.)

    For the first 15 months of WotLK, we paid 6g to 10g (or more) for Eternal Earths, not the 3g we've seen recently. This is a very recent and unusual phenomenon. Prices rising back to 6g or more means business as usual, not the end of the world. (We also weren't buying stacks of gems for 50s each. That's going to end soon, too.)

  5. Have just discoved the super-cheap eternal earths on my server as well. It seems the most profitable thing to craft with them on my server is disenchanting "Stoneguard Band" rings, which are crafted with just 2 eternals and no other extra materials.

  6. Eternal earth is a by-product of mining and on Bloodhoof, Saronite Ore is way up as well.

    Perhaps some farmers have been re-allocated to different servers and the supply is dropping off.

  7. Trade chat is definitely the way to go, watch it carefully and post a request every now and then. On my server, I'll see a couple farmers every day advertising saronite/titanium ore, eternals, and various herbs at prices much lower than the Auction House(and they usually have a lot to sell). As long as you keep a watchful eye, and throw out a request now and then, you should be able to find what you're looking for.

  8. This has happened on my server too luckily i have someone that COD's me 1000g worth of eternal earth and countless stacks of gems a day. I asked in trade today for Eternal Earths in trade today for 4-5g each and said i can buy in large quantities and got about 6 /w offering to sell me about 20 stacks. I think people realised they are not selling that well for the high prices and ppl just have large stock piles.

  9. Its funny cause on Turalyon its exactly the opposite that happen.

    Got tons of eternal earth but cheap gem are rare lately.

    Nothing special, i really think that maybe you bough too many and ppl realize that those eternal go fast at 4g or less and try to see if they gonna sell at 6g+

    After a few days it should be back to normal I'm pretty sure.

    - Earthquakes, Turalyon

  10. The price might have come up due to Icecrown Patterns, as both the tanking items and Shatter Rounds both use Eternal Earth. The same thing happened with Eternal Shadow on Cenarius to some extent.

  11. I've seen many eternal markets falling. Earth, Shadow and Water in particular. I was grabbing multiple stacks at ~40% of the usual price.

    Eternal earths for under 4g, shadows under 5g, etc. I was vendoring rings as well. It is for-sure cash, it just isn't huge profit and takes time...but good when you are alt tabbed or doing something else.

    Then again last night eternal earths were over 7g, so I posted a stack just to see what happens.

  12. Well, on my server eternal earth is about 10g each, stacks of 20 are 300 so big lol there. Eternal shadow went up too, not to mention fire which is constantly at about 30g each. Weird, since i made lots of cash from titansteel bars, i have alchemy, i buyout saronite ores for 12 - 13g, a friend smelts them, i transmute and voila, titanium. If i had mats, i would ask him to make me titansteel bars. A couple of months ago i used to make about 1-1.5k gold from selling 30 titansteel bars, split in 6 stacks of 5 titansteel bars for 560 buyout, but now it's just not worth it. Why are the eternals used to craft titansteel bars so expensive?
    P.S. Sorry about my blabbering, haven't slept in quite a while, plus i'm always a bit... distracted. I hope my tip helps you.

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