Full Moon - Crazy Auction House Lunatics

Leoricsbride said:

Hey what's up?

I've just had this crazy idea about some kind of "scientific research" on how to increase your profit while AH'ing.

What's happening in 14 days? On march 30th? It's gonna be the full moon over America and that side of the world.

Don't press X!!! This is not a joke lol! I have something to back up what I'm saying.

At my job, during full moon and a couple days before, the number of call we receive doubles (at least). It doesn't matter if it's Sunday, Tuesday or Friday, people just go frenzy when the moon is full. It's not only about people fighting in bars or people getting drunk, it's just stupid or random stuff. Like a car going Westbound on the Eastbound highway, rescue on a lake because this dude was fishing at midnight, 2 people falling down the stairs at the same time in that 300 population village, etc. I've never believed in this full moon stuff until I got my job there.

So anyway, here's what I was thinking. Do you think people are enough influenced by full moon to buy like crazies and be careless or do mistakes while AH'ing? I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of link between full moon and a bigger cashflow in the AH during full moon.

As I said, it's gonna be full moon in 14 days and it's giving us just enough time to prepare your bloggers to test this. Maybe you could write a blog and suggest people to dump as twice as many items as they do during March 30th night and give us a feedback the next morning? What do you think? Your foreign bloggers won't be able to participate in this study but I'm sure the majority of people visiting your site are from North America, right?

Aight bro, let me know


 It's funny you mention this kind of thing Leoricsbride, because I have read several studies which have proven that crime rates and unusual crimes tend to go up on full moons. There really is no scientific data as to why this happens, just the fact that it does tend to happen. Will players react just as strangely and post items for unusually low values? Perhaps dump whole guild banks on sheer spur of the moment thinking?

Only time will tell... those that find great deals will swear it was the full moon, those that don't will say it isn't true. I'm staying neutral, but I will be selling some off hands that turn people into wolves, hehe :)

10 comments: on "Full Moon - Crazy Auction House Lunatics"

  1. So that was it...

    Yesterday I was in awe with how many of my auctions were selling... that could be the reason.

    Really, I sold a lot and it was a MONDAY night!! Monday's are really slow in terms of sales, at least for me.
    Lets see today, since the full moon is today.

    Great post!! hehehe

    Best regards.

  2. http://www.skepdic.com/fullmoon.html

  3. While I'm here:

    While I may agree that people may think there is an increase in crime and whatnot during a full moon, that can easily be explained by confirmation bias.

  4. This is a pop culture myth pure and simple. People often cite studies which correlate increases in this or that and phases of the moon and, most popular, recall their own anecdotal experiences; however, few such studies actually exist.


  5. early april fools?

  6. I blame it on Twili--*shot*

  7. Good luck every1 ;) 2-3 hours left for 100% full moon! I wish I could participate but my account isn't active anymore

  8. Hmm,i got lucky tongight, Some guy was selling crusader orbs for 80g each resold over night for 115, 8 of them, 200g for 14 Frozen orbs converted to fire eternals made 100% profit, Found 60 stacks of saronite ore for 12g each, (lol smelt and vendor)?, Some guy goes giving 1k away to whoever in Exodar can find my alt.. i was the only one looking i guess, got that.. lol i wish every night was like that..

  9. i havnt even gotten to my glph sales yet.. o.O

  10. sorry for spam, if you can combine these that would be great.. also forgot a random stranger who one ilvl 264 hunter gloves in VoA decided to give them to me..

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