Gold Tips for Patch 3.3.3

Gold Tips you should pay attention to for Patch 3.3.3...

Tons of free honor for marks - Gem prices will tank temporarily.

New Engineering Pets - Watch for Mithril bars, heart of fires, core of earths, and truesilver bars to disappear from the auction house.

Sun Crystals will slowly rise in price as they are being made part of the scourge JC daily.

Calcedonies and Dark Jades will plummet in value as far less will be purchased for icy prisms.

Many Glyphs that took 2 inks of the sea to craft will now require 1 ink. Expect the markets to change but not too much. Changes to icy touch and flame shock will make these glyphs in high demand for the first week of the patch as players experiment with glyphs and specs.

If any of the Eternals on your server (perhaps fire or air) are more expensive than frozen orbs then they will decrease in value to match frozen orbs.

Tailoring Cooldowns and location restrictions removed. However, the demand for tailoring epic recipes will increase with changes to material costs and frozen orbs being used to get runed or crusader orbs. Expect prices to drop at least slightly, so sell your cloth prior to the patch.

Titansteel Bar cooldown removed. Sell your bars prior to the patch. Like tailoring cloth, the bars will have higher demand but this demand will not be enough to save titansteel bars from dropping lower than the current price.

Crusader Orbs may actually go up in value, as they will take 6 frozen orbs. Depending on where frozen orbs settle crusader orbs could see a 10-40 gold boost in value.

Check out the wow podcast: Castaclysm Episode Two on Patch 3.3.3 as well!

8 comments: on "Gold Tips for Patch 3.3.3"

  1. It's 'chalcedony' not 'calcedony'. Just a heads up, I found the wrong word particularly grating in one of your videoes. Apart from that, good tips.

  2. I doubt Crusader Orbs will go up, as they're pretty much capped by the fact that they cost 15 Emblems of Triumph. You'd get that many Emblems of Triumph by the time you got 6 Frozen Orbs.

  3. I always pronounced it "Chal, like Shall with a C, seh-dony." I could say that I care, but I don't. Hell I pronounce all kinds of things and places in wow wrong.

    Anyways, these are fantastic tips Marcko, I knew of a few of them, but your insight brought to light other opportunities.

    I'm glad I spend about a G last night on some affordable mithril ore! Already the bars go for as much as 75, cant wait to see what happens.

    I have about 40 frozen orbs, not many, but I got them all for 12g or less.

  4. Littlebear (Stonemaul US) said... March 1, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    Good stuff!

    Can you give a heads up on the pattern for this new Engineering pet? I've grabbed a small stockpile of mats, but I should be able to sell the pet as well.

  5. @Markco

    What do you plan on doing with your frozen orbs on patch day (assuming you stockpiled) and do you really think that the 2k honor per mark wasn't a placeholder in the PTR?

  6. What are the new icy prism mats post 3.3.3?

  7. Could anyone share some more information about the new engineering pets please? :)

    Like where's the schematic come frome, exact mats etc.

  8. I think the 2K per mark could easily change. For those not on the PTR, you can use the battlefield marks to buy tokens which give you honor when consumed.

    Items that had cost both honor and some marks now just cost honor (on the PTR), but the rise in price varies at least between 16-70 honor per mark. The mounts that used to cost 90 marks now only cost 50K honor. I had thought that this was because Honor was capped at 75K, 1.5 times the price of the highest cost item, but apparently there are things selling for more than 68k honor. The tabard costing 60 marks will cost only 20K gold.

    So it doesn't look like there's a fixed price conversion for items that cost marks. In addition, even though the tooltip said I'd get 2,000 honor, when I tried it, I got 1,850 honor instead.

    And the bloody things only stack in lots of 10. I hope they change that. I had to do alot of running back and forth to buy the 5 mounts on the ptr, with the cap on honor at 75K, and each mount costing 50K, I couldn't carry enough of the tokens to buy more than one mount without having to run back to get more tokens.

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