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If you have a bank alt with no guild associated with the character than you may want to keep an eye out for players "LF Signatures." I do this when I try to make 1k gold on a new server with just a banking toon and it is very nice to get some easy starter cash. Sometimes you can even make 5 gold from a desperate guild leader, and that's not half bad considering they come to you and all you do is click sign charter and accept trade! Don't worry about not getting paid, if they refuse to pay you then you can cancel your signature and they get nothing (please be nice and let them make the guild before leaving it).

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  1. I have been doing this now for almost a year, and posted it on the boards.

    That toon does nothing but sign sigs and has made a average of 150 gold a week, I know it could be more but I am currently working on leveling 2 other toons to 80 and maxing professions on them as well.

    but it is true great bit of basically free income especially on weekends.

  2. How do you cancel a guild signature?

  3. How do you cancel a signature on a guild charter?

    Also, don't sign any other guild charters after taking cash for one, until it's formed and then quitting; that removes your signature from the previous charter. (That's the only way I was aware of to remove a signature.)

  4. I love this trick!! Not only is it nice to help people out, but it's a great way to make easy gold!

    5g is a lowball figure on my server - I consistently make 10 or 15g from signatures. And you are so right in that it's a fantastic way to make a bit of pocket cash for your very first toon on a server. It's the first thing I watch for when I hit a new server, and I am a gold making noob.

    One time I saw someone advertising 30g per signature (it was late at night or something). WOW!! I took my bank toon out of my bank guild so I could snag that.

    My friends keep having to reinvite me back... :)

  5. You can join another guild to cancel it.

  6. I had a toon get paid on Aerie peak 50 gold for a sig, and then by time i got to org the guild had been formed and i signed another for 100, it was crazy,

  7. Hello ‘goaldreaders’ and ‘goldleaders’ :)

    I'm a reader of this amazing blog since I'm playing, since 2009 Dec. I've started with a trial account and some of the tips helped me a lot ( the others not yet!- because I don't play a lot and my main character with the highest level is a lvl64 pvp oriented 'hitman' )
    so I would like to support newbie players and wow gold investors with a symbolic amount of gold.

    I’m reaching my storage limits soon, so I can't wait. I always planned to write to Markco in this topic to help my server's new players (who read this blog) to become an AH guru. I play on EU-Quel'thalas realm on ally side so if any of the readers would like to receive their JMTC signature fee just let me know through this post.

    I will be happy if only new players would appear but if you are an expert from another realm who would like to establish business on quel'thalas, you're welcome as well. And unfortunately we can't check your gamer background so it's up to you.

    So I will give 15 gold to every new player who sign my guild sheet and only 5 gold to the experts from other realms (because Markco's students have a very huge advantage :D – not sure about this, I mean the 5 gold only not the advantage).

    If the community has any suggestion about this please let me know. I will post the details about the guild forming soon, approximately around 8 o’clock (pm) CET –Central European Time +1 (approx. 3 pm close to the west coast of USA and 9 am on the other side – I’m not sure)

    Just an ordinary reader, Norrin Radd

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