Hyacinth Macaw - Selling Vanity Pets

Hyacinth Macaw - This item is obtained from the booty bay pirates and will occasional appear on your auction house from someone farming the bloodsale buccaneers for their pirate title. When you see this item realize that it usually goes for a minimum of 5k gold on a small server and as much as 10k on a larger one. I've picked this up for 500 gold from a happy farmer and resold for literally 5k gold.

Information and Experience are the greatest tools as an auctioneer, so keep learning, keep reading, keep experimenting, and keep expanding your knowledge (Most importantly, keep visiting this blog, forum, etc!).

8 comments: on "Hyacinth Macaw - Selling Vanity Pets"

  1. I picked up this pet for 20g off the AH, right before it became epic quality. I felt so bad for the poor sucker that sold it that I mailed him an extra 200g. I'm a pet collector so I learned it myself, got over 115 minipets, waiting for the 100 pets achievement.

  2. Unfortunately this is much harder to obtain for low prices now... Blizz made it an epic quality (ie Purple) item, so people don't just see a white pet and throw it on the AH for 5gold like they used to. :(

    Now they actually do a bit of research and figure out that it's worth quite a bit.

    -Got mine the old fashioned way... farmed for about 3 weeks straight. woot woot.

  3. I love that pet <3 i bought one from a level 67 for 600g and sold it in 30 minutes for 7k

  4. On Wyrmrest Accord (RP Server), I've seen one up on the AH regularly, never dropping below 15k. Even on my 'richest' days, I'd NEVER consider paying that.

    But... good luck to them, I guess!

  5. I find that little White Kittens from Lil' Timmy are goo to move.

    They are bought from Lil' Timmy in Stormwin (a roughly hourly rare spwan) for less than a gold and sell for 100g on my server.

    Do a google for Timmy and you will find his pathing..

    I do a run along his path everytime I portal into Stormwind before going to the AH or mailbox.

  6. I see this maybe once or twice a year. The last time I saw it was two weeks ago and it was listed for 17K. After several days at the same price it disappeared. Someone evidently bought it. I almost wished I had bought it for my own collection because I have enough gold to afford it.

  7. Man I wish I could see this pet at the prices you guys a saying. Normal on my server is 25k i picked one up for my gf for 10k, and thought that was a steal.

  8. I agree with the previous post I want it at your prices, my server (korgath) has them going for anywhere between 25k-30k+.

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