I can't use the resale scan! HELP!

This is going to be one of those long winded lecture posts. You know the kind where you can see the steam coming out of the author's ears as well as the love pouring out of his heart?

The answer to someone saying "I can't use the resale scan, all the auctions no longer exist when I go to purchase them!" is one of the following:
- You are being too selective with your bid buyouts
- You are full of crap

Now the first option I can help you with, the second I can't! I think that secretly people are saying with the quoted statement: "This method for making gold can't work for me because I have my own way that gets me some extra cash and I don't want to think that there is another way I haven't thought of or succeeded with." Please, for your own sake, break the bonds of this mentality! If you do this then you will have more fun and possibly will eventually come up with something to share with the community here! I certainly do not believe that I have all the answers and I've been open to criticism of my ideas since day one. Try to test something more than once and push yourself to find a way to make a strategy work for you (in this case resale scans). It doesn't hurt to take a step back and review if perhaps you are missing an essential credential or fundamental concept for a gold making strategy either.

Perhaps you are focusing on buyouts with too low a PCT? Maybe you are walking away from your PC and coming back too late for the scans to matter (possibly hours or even a day later without rescanning)? Perhaps you do not quite understand how resale really works? Are you trying to buyout items such as infinite dust which fly off the shelves very quickly if they are low enough?

The fact of the matter is that someone on your server is doing fine with the same strategy or auction house method that you are failing with. If you take a step back and reevaluate the situation you'll be surprised how differently you can approach a problem. Same is true with the real world.

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  1. Another reason people might not like trying to resell stuff:

    You tried it once, and got burned - the thing you tried to resell was expensive, and it's price had fallen, and you bought it at the wrong time, and couldnt resell it.

    Sometimes it is best to resell stuff you know is cheap, compared to its value, as opposed to stuff that auctioneer tells you is cheap, but is actually still expensive.
    Ie buy consumables, instead of weapons and armor.

  2. Actually there's an easy answer to "the auction no longer exists." The time between your scan and search was too great, in that time someone bought or canceled the auction in question. Next time don't do resale searches without first doing a scan. Auctions (especially good buys) don't last forever.

    The only other option is, you broke auctioneer. Reinstall it.

  3. I guess I should try flipping again. Haven't done it on massive scales for quite some time, but I've got enough gold to be able to lose some of it.
    Risk isn't called risk for no reason, I suppose!
    I'd just wish that auctioneer would scan a bit faster (estimated time for a scan is 16 mins here...) and with the fast scan resale doesn't seem to be fully updated. Am I doing something wrong here??

  4. @Satyr: Instead of doing a normal scan you can type in /auc getall when you have the auction house window open. It'll run the scan in only a few minutes. It might slow or lock up your game for those few minutes but I've never had it crash the game.

  5. [quoting for brevity]
    "fast scan resale doesn't seem to be fully updated. Am I doing something wrong here?"

    you may have tried searching too soon after a scan so ya may wanna try waiting 15-20 secs then attempt your search and see if you have a fully updated listing. fwiw, that's what works for me when i find incomplete listings... waiting a few secs after the quick scan before i go using the search filters.

    hope this helps. cheers.

  6. I had a similar problem to Zeran's proposed solution.

    With my disenchanting, I was doing the normal full scan, and half the stuff would be gone before I was able to purchase them.

    Solution? /auc getall

    Then, when I did a disenchant search, I sorted it by "Reason" (Buy/Bid) to get all the "buy's" up front, then do "Purchase All" and frantically click "Yes". I could care less if the bid's are gone before I get to them.

  7. I've run into some trouble with this recently also. I'm pretty afraid of throwing away all my gold because I don't think most of the profits auctioneer says i'll make are based on extremely inflated prices. So i'll buy the item and try to sell it for what auctioneer thinks is normal, but i'll be selling it for way too much.


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