Iron Bound Tome - Oh but those don't sell right?

I have been making about 500 gold profit a week from iron bound tome sales, even with up to three people competing with me. Those 4-6 sales a week are due to new pve alts trying to fill the oh so elusive off hand slot and save badges for tier gear. Do you have any idea how many people still tell me and will tell me after this post that these are impossible to sell? What is it with everyone thinking that things have to sell in the same 12 hours they post them, or that having someone undercutting you means you can't sell your product? I don't say that to put the people that say these things down (after all Euripides on the Call to Auction told me flat out that these never sell and I still respect him for his gold making skills), but rather I say this to explain that if one person is succeeding at making gold and you are not, then you might want to pick there brain on the subject.

So here, I'll do some of the picking for you:

First off, the profit margin on these things is ridiculous. I am making literally 150 gold profit per sale. Next, many people assume this market is pointless and whenever the vast majority of players aren't doing something, you can bet that I am. Engineering for instance is a great money maker, but no one will tell you that because they have all heard it isn't. Finally, unless there are more than 2 off hands below your price yours will most likely sell in a 24-48 hour period. On my server after some time observing this market I've found that on average about one sells every 12 hours. So if I put it up for 24 hours and there are two underneath me, I will undercut. That's no a smaller server with less demand, so if you have a higher population server then you will want to adjust your tolerance for undercutters accordingly.

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  1. I love selling the Iron-Bound Tome. Have been selling 2 or so a week forever. I also make regular sales on the Twilight Tome and Faces of Doom. I haven't however had much success selling any of the other off-hands.

  2. I've had the same result, although I sell both books. Another way I've found to dump Snowfall Ink (if you're into the glyph market) aside from selling it outright is to offer 1 snowfall for 5 ink of the sea in trade while doing all of your milling. It's half off the ink trader price and well worth it to me. I get quite good response and have several relationships now where I know I can dump hundreds of inks and create really cheap glyphs.

  3. I sell Faces of Doom much faster than Iron Bound tome. I don't price gouge either, I use a 150g fallback price in quick auctions to try and get rid of them quickly.

  4. My server must be radically different than yours. I reposted one for about two weeks before it finally sold at 79g.

  5. problem is, on my server the average price is about 150g, and then you have this goblin of an scribe who single handedly undercut the glyph market down to 1-2g a pop undercutting the tomes down to 80g sometimes, its not the item, thats the problem here, ppl want it, and would pay a good price for it, the problem for me is i have a douche of a goblin destroying my server.

  6. Those, plus the other off-hand, used to sell pretty well for me. They're cheap, decently powerful purplez for the up and coming caster/healer.

    Match it up with the titansteel caster weapon are decent starter set ( which if you're feeling brave, you can try to sell together as a set in Trade).

  7. iv had these up for 50g for over 1 week with no sale, sometimes i wonder if u just make your numbers up.

  8. Great post Markco. I have been making good money off these as well for a few weeks now. Do faces of Doom sell on your server also? On my server they rarely will.

  9. LOL @Anonymous 12:29 PM. You've posted on my blog every single day for the past month with a negative comment. Sometimes I wonder if you have too much free time!

  10. haha, sorry for the noob comment, but I was wondering, what email do you have ah/gold tips sent to you? Ive tried (thats the one I get automatic email from every once and awhile) and I get some type of error when I try to send it

  11. He's completely right, they sell for over 200g each on my server still, and I sell at least 4 a week at that price. They cost like 5g to make, its ridiculous.

  12. actually that was the first time iv posted on your site. i guess ill give them another go seems they should be selling maybee i just had bad timing.

  13. My mistake, sorry for being rude :(

  14. I dunno man, these tomes don't really sell well on my server (high population). Prices often are dragged down to 80 gold and it's hard to make a profit at that level especially since Frozen Orbs have tripled in price.

  15. It's been tough to make a profit on these tomes after frozen orb prices skyrocketed, but Rituals of the New Moon still sell very well for me.

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