Isle of Conquest PvP Trick

Here's a quick strategy I found and made a short video about. Horde grabs the workshop and then takes all their demolishers to the far west of the alliance base. If you position the demolishers behind the hill shown in the video then it is impossible for the guns on the tower to reach you. What's more, melee will have to run from the alliance portal and around the hill in order to reach the demolishers, making it an excellent defensive position. A crafty balance druid, fire mage, or ele shaman could chuck people off the cliff and into the sea as well.

This strategy is way better than taking docks and trying to use the glaives damage wise and it's far easier to defend the demolishers in the position shown in the video.

2 comments: on "Isle of Conquest PvP Trick"

  1. In before the "BLIZZ HATES ALLIANCE QQ".

    Nice trick though.

  2. Oh nice now I'll NEVER when IoC again... :(

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