It's a secret to everybody!

Kudos to anyone who gets the title quote, that is one of my favorite video games of all time.

Gold making strategies that rely on secrecy can be fun, but they don't last forever. Isn't it ironic that players often seek "secret" ways to make gold or methods that require a limited number of participants from extremely popular websites? Even your humble auction house guru understands that he hurts his own profits when he reveals a "secret" way to make gold. But that is why 99% of my strategies that I use are not reliant on a limited number of participants. My readers here understand, or are well on their way to understanding, that becoming an expert with simple methods which anyone can use is the key to success in making gold in world of warcraft. Yet still so many players search for that secret method which if it truly is good always gets nerfed eventually. Then the vicious cycle of looking for secret methods continues...

I am going to start viewing other gold making sites and critiquing their 'secret' strategies, similar to the way I dissected and 's posts on making gold. I will however try my best to be objective and the goal of this exercise will be to educate readers here, not to demean the writers of these sites. You see, these people are good people who want to provide interesting information, but the ironic qualities in sharing secrets (thus no longer making them secrets) are definitely not lost on this auction house guru.

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  1. Legend of Zelda!

  2. Ah, but the simpler the method, the more likely someone else is to "discover" it. We all have access to the same data, and have to assume that at least some of our competitors will be as good at analysis as we are.

  3. WoW has a tribute to that game too; the Linken questline in Un'Goro leading up to the quest.. 'It's a secret to everybody!' It also gave the best-in-slot caster offhand in vanilla (decrease mana cost of all spells by 25), until it got nerfed.

  4. There a no secrets. There can not be secrets on the AH.
    Because every idiot with enough brains to make a wow account and start playing can find the auctionhouse and browse all auctions, check pricing methods, check what sells, check what other players are doing.
    It's impossible to hide your auctionhouse strategies.
    Even with more complicated tricks like disenchanting items made from stuff bought from the AH can be figured out pretty easily when paying attention.
    Even farming locations cannot be kept a secret for long. Someone will notice, someone will copy. Untill enough people have copied the trick to make it worthless. Then you find another trick, until it's figured out again.

  5. Ahh yes!

    Spirit of Aquementas!

    Funny thing is, nobody around seemed to even know about that offhand back when that mana reduction was insanely good.

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