List of Items I will Stockpile for Cataclysm

Old world materials for all professions from skill level 1 to 50.
Early outland materials.
Twink weapon and chest enchanting scrolls.
Wrath enchanting mats.

Let's look at my reasoning behind these items.

Old world materials for skill level 1 to 50, particularly herbs used in alchemy for goblins, will make a lot of money early on in cataclysm. Players making their goblins or worgs will focus on powerleveling professions either as they level or once they hit 80, so I am not going to be trying to sell everything during the week of the release. Regardless of how well stuff sells, I will save 50% of my goods for inflation to kick in. This way my copper ore going for 5 gold a stack will probably be worth 10 gold or more per stack later on in the expansion. Next we have outland materials, since I assume outland will not change very much and all the materials from outland will not also be found in the "new" azeroth, these materials should go up with inflation. Twink weapons and chest enchants will sell great the first few weeks of cataclysm and I expect to sell a hundred or so of these babies. Firey, crusader, health to chest, etc.

Wrath enchanting mats are a bit tricky and a total gamble on my part. I believe that inflation is going to take hold of these materials later on in cataclysm and so you will see decent prices that are atleast more than what they are now. I expect the rate of inflation to be 2 to 8 times the current values we are seeing now. That means that if I am correct that 100 infinite dust for 90 gold now will be worth as much as 720 gold in cataclysm about midway through.

From April 1st to 5th I will be releasing a much more thorough analysis of what to buy for Cataclysm, expect some great information and how to get started right away!

What are your thoughts on cataclysm? Comment!

10 comments: on "List of Items I will Stockpile for Cataclysm"

  1. What is our virtual labor worth now compared to vanilla and BC?


    This will be my personal baseline on what I consider breaking even on money I spend now by purchasing commodities and planning to sell back into the market in cat. I'll take a guess that I'll be able to grind 1000g/hour or so in cat so hopefully using info from this fine site and Marko's stockpile tips I can at least double my stockpiled money and breakeven and hopefully make an additional fine profit as well. Sitting on any money will be losing 50% of its value imo.

  2. I dont think the enchanting mats from wotlk will zerg before like 5 months of cataclysm. in simmilar like it did in tbc. on the other side, there will probably be alot of people dumping their stuff like eternals and enchanting mats because of the drop in price. also there are alot of people who have alot of enchanting mats stockpiled within their guildbanks just waiting for it to drop

  3. Nothing about Netherweave Bags for those new Worgen/Goblins!?

  4. Hmm. Good stuff. I'm going to disagree about old world mats though. Chances are the new toons being created are someone's second, third, fourth alts (or more). They are more likely to pick Herbalism and/or Mining for profs. I don't see those old world mats changing much due to the fact that there won't be that much more demand, and you'll see many more of them due to people picking herbalism and mining while levelling up. If anything, the prices will likely fall.

  5. Northrend items:

    Leading up to cataclysm, all NR items will fall a little while the arket speculators empty their inventory.

    Once cataclysm hits, reactive players will dump their NR mats for whatever they can get, causing massive oversupply with depressed prices.

    The prices will recover when a significant majority of the new worgen/goblin raiders start working on their tradeskills. I expect this to be around the release of a 'harder' raid via a patch.

  6. Personally I'm a little hesitant to pick up profession leveling materials just yet. I think they said in one of the Blizzcon panels, that they intend to make leveling professions easier. One of the examples given was that maybe you'd get 5 skillups from a blue recipe instead of just one, though I may be remembering the exact phrasing incorrectly.

    If I invest heavily in profession leveling materials, I might find the stuff useless as some other material has been made much better for leveling that specific profession. I guess you can count on stuff like ores and herbs still being needed no matter what, but what if you need a much lesser quantity of everything to level a profession?

  7. With the latest couple of episodes of Call to auction in mind regarding enchanting mats, I got a little idea for stockpiling mats for 4.0. Instead of stockpiling just dust and essences, buy up the big quantities of Abyss Crystals that will flow, since one can split those into dusts/essences. With the amount of epics in the economy today, a lot of people will start disenchanting all their bank spec gear sets (I'm a druid so there you go), which will increase the number of crystals on the market A LOT.

  8. To tell the truth i dont see old world materials going up, because of those farmers on fly mounts whom will fill that part of market very fast

  9. before wotlk rolled in i had a field day negotiating with guild masters for their gbank's inventories. i also think ppl will do the and inventory dump across the board. flight in 1.0zones will change the the demand for 1.0-3.0mats since they can farm it quickly themselves on their new 85s. however, having a stockpile of these mats will nonetheless turn a profit. trafkngoods of khadgar industries

  10. Excellent post! I have about 20k that I am looking to spend before Cata hits on commodities, and this helped a lot!

    I have one question:

    Lets assume we buy the old world mats, Herbs, Enchants, etc. at close to the current market value.

    What should we list them for, percentage wise, the first week of cata?

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