Make Gold Like the Native Americans!

Ok perhaps the title is a stretch and should instead read as: "Make gold by letting nothing go to waste like the Native Americans did." Everything you touch or produce should be used in making gold to some degree. Let nothing go to waste! If you are prospecting and have lots of uncommon gems just taking up space, make them into disenchanting fodder or cut them and sell them! Don't just let items sit in your bank and rot until the next expansion when you do some random spring cleaning. Are you milling and have tons of snowfall ink taking up space? Ever consider selling off hands, runescrolls, or just selling the inks at half price just before and during the dark moon faire?

Do you have any items that are getting vendored or just piling up in your bank?

Comment on your situation and perhaps the readers here can pull together to help you out like they always do :)

6 comments: on "Make Gold Like the Native Americans!"

  1. It's funny to see how much people have in their banks.
    I made my first 200 gold by just sending all kind of stuff to an auctionhouse alt and putting it on the AH. 200 gold that was sleeping in my banks! And I only had five alts.

  2. I recently have aquired tins of saronite ore for under bar vendor price from a gold farmer. Dunno what to do with it :(

  3. WoW I thaught you were talking about making a casino hahaha

  4. @Pleasemoove

    uhm...sell them for normal price on AH ? or vendor them if it doesnt sell on AH ?

    I cant figure if you're being sarcastic or a little dumb =S

  5. I agree with Leoricsbride, I naturally assumed a casino and was going to post that the gambling businesses were prohibited several months ago.

    The other thing to mention is that there is rampant deflation in WoW (except for all the leveling mats I sold so cheaply in late 2008)

    So if you sold all that "in case I needed it" cobalt, saronite, adder's tongue and level 200 boes ... months ago, then if you were to ever need it today, you can buy it for a lot less. So in most cases, junk sold today is worth more than junk sold tomorrow.

  6. My main is Enchanter and Miner. She keeps a reasonable stock of enchanting mats for her own gear and for my fiancé and I sometimes make a scroll of Blood Draining. It tends to sell for around 500g on my realm but it's hit and miss how long it'll take to sell. Alot of the saronite she mines she makes into bars, sends to my Paladin who is a Transmute Master and makes Titanium Bars that sometimes proc. This was handy when Titansteel was selling at a high price but not so these days. I sometimes send ore to my fiancé to prospect for me then I just sell the gems off or get them cut. I also loot EVERYTHING! If I have bag space I'll loot grey crap and vendor it. It all sells so why leave it? :D

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