Making Gold in Heroics

Heroics via the dungeon finder have been a huge game changer for world of warcraft. Most people absolutely love it (myself included) and there are definitely ways to profit from using it. Here's a list of how to make some monies off the dungeon finder tool.

  1. Need on the frozen orb. Every single time I run a heroic at least one or two people don't do this, but the other three do. Don't miss out on a nice chunk of change!
  2. Skin, mine, and herb everything you see. Loot first, ask questions later. If there is a miner/skinner/herbalist than you can say "ok you get the next node" and seriously do alternate with the person, but otherwise go to town and assume you're fine.
  3. Loot every mob you can. As a tank (especially a dps tank) I tend to avoid looting. Don't be a nub like me, instead loot every single thing you see.
  4. Use your professions to convert your loot into better items. You know the drill, but many people simply dump unmodified goods on the auction house from heroics since it's not a full stack for whatever reason. There's nothing wrong with holding onto an handful of items until they are a full stack if that's your reasoning.

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  1. Dont forget the emblems can be converted into gems if you downgrade them.

  2. A recent bluepost stated that they will change it so everyone will automatically roll greed on frozen orbs.

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