Mid Life Leveling Crisis

There's a part of wow that I love to take advantage of, and I like to call it the Mid Life Leveling Crisis! Everyone goes through this crisis at some point in their career, in fact we tend to go through it smack dab in the middle of leveling a profession (hence the name)! So you have everything but that stack of adamantite ore, that citrine, or that handful of mountain silversage and being a savy wow player you decide to take a short cut and use the auction house. Low and behold your item is there... but it's over 800% market value!!! Cursing under your breath you buy the item and I see "A buyer has been found for your auction of..."

I consider this market to be the most valuable method for a player who has no professions and would like to learn to use auctioneer to make gold. The items tend to sell in about 24 hours and you can make many times what you bought them for through resale scans (hint bidding is a good idea on 12-24 hour items).

How do you handle the mid life leveling crisis? Do you take advantage or fall victim?

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  1. Arrowbankalt said... March 15, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    I take advantage and try to plan out my leveling process over a 2 week period. For example, when I leveled my third JC I started buying all the materials I would need weeks before if they where 70% market or lower and then when the time came when I was ready to start raiding BOOM JC maxed with very minimal costs.

  2. I farmed so it's f... saved me some gold ;-)
    This is exactly why I try to level my alts to cover all professions.
    If I need something that can be farmed (yes, I used the other F-word), then I have an alt that can go get it at the best location possible for that item. (unless it requires me to have friends ... then I have no way of getting it, Ol' Gevy's more a social then I am)

  3. I do both, depending on which character I'm on. When leveling Blacksmithing/Engineering on my Holy Paladin, I fell into that trap hard.

    When leveling Alchemy on my DK and Warlock (one for transmutes, one for flasks), I did the opposite and started farming any herb that I saw running at that especially high value (thank you, Gromsblood).

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  4. I fall victim. Leveling JC was like getting repeatedly punched in the balls, and alchemy wasn't much better. Even at 800% if the mats were on the AH I was happy. I'm on an underpopulated side of a server, and the other side of my server has massive amounts of low level mats. If I was more focused on making gold, cross-faction arbitrage would be the way to do it.

  5. Interesting post. It should be noted that any player who finds themselves leveling a profession also has an opportunity to find new ways to make gold.

    Remember going from 275 to 350? Those difficult levels might be a great opportinity to see where those mats come from, and how you can get into that, likely low compeition, market.

    As a JC, I expanded to sell lesser gems included aquamarine, citrine and jades, I can get anywhere between 5 and 15 for each. Citrines are particularly pricey.

    But, I am kicking myself after last night. I gave someone a deal on some gems he needed to lvl JC and asked "where did you get them."

    I didn't tell him exactly, but I awoke this morning to see he had undercut several of my gems...I now have to wonder how long he will be in this market and I might have to get aggressive and reduce my profit margin to near zero to shut him out.

    Funny how he commented my price on Huge Emeralds was "ridiculous" and proceeds to sell his own for 15s less than mine...

  6. I have both taken advantage, and fallen victim. When I was preparing to roll a new character in Wrath, I prepared all the materials I needed up to 340ish for my professions. On my other alts since then I've often bought very expensive materials to save myself from having to farm.

    Personally I value my time fairly high these days. Market wise I tend to go for the high profit/time opportunities, while ignoring a lot of the smaller investments. I hate farming, grinding and doing daily quests. I did a lot of the Tournament Daily quests, but those were for the vanity items, and not for the gold.

    I'm already well over the gold cap, and I would much rather spend 2000g on AH materials to level a profession, than spend 3 hours hunting for the other materials. If I would earn or save less than 1000g/hour on any given activity, I would usually prefer to pay to save my time instead.

  7. I have about 700 saronite ore - transmute all into titanium bars? prospect?
    Also i have about 100 titanium ore - prospect? or what?

  8. Forgot to mention green gems are about 1g on mannoroth and rares are 3g unless they are scarlet rubies - cardinal rubies are about 200 with ametrines at 160-180.

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