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In quick auction 3 there are two settings called threshold and fallback for your items. Every so often the lowest priced item on the market will fall below your threshold (lowest price you're willing to sell at) and so quick auction will decide to post your item at your fallback (price you consider market value or whatever you want to set it at). My fallback for high profit meta gems are 125 gold. Every so often I will see my meta gems sell (as well as tons of other items that I won't list here) for my fallback price eventhough there are plenty of items below my price on the auction house.

Why does this happen? It's simply really, the buyer didn't even look at the prices to compare them, but rather purchased the first item in the list. Depending on how their sort was created (auctioneer's name, etc) it is possible for the highest priced item to show up first. Also, keep in mind that with items like meta gems, glyphs, and other large categories, players are often sorting through a list of assorted items with similar names to what they are looking for. Mine could simply be the first one they spotted and therefore the one they purchased.

Due to this buyer mentality (particularly among people who are low on game time) it is actually worth your while to post a single overpriced item along with your normal postings for each item type. Have you seen this phenomenon as well?

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  1. This is so true. I bought out every icethorn below my own stacks. Relisted them for my usual amount and went to my bank. There i found a spare stack and went to put it on aswell. Out of lazyness i just put it in the usual post-screen instead of the appraiser and just whacked in 16g bid 17g buyout. Made a typo and put 16bid 177g buyout. The whole bunch got sold to probably the same guy (cus of the speed).

  2. All the time heavy undercutter here, so I can't say I have experienced what you describe.
    I post 12 hours just to make sure that sorting on price and time will put my auctions first in the list.
    I only post at "absurd" prices when I'm the only person who has something on AH, but then again, I feel that paying 12G for a bag that costs 5G to make is absurd.

  3. I use that trick when there are "bag wars" going on. I post 8 netherweave bags a gold or two, or more if the other posters are way below the"normal" price. I was surpised how many sales I got when I started this.

  4. Posting the single at almost 200% value had paid off for me too, but not for same reason. I will often employ a third-banker-phantom-posting (thanks Markco) that is very high, just to make the 120% look good. Imagine my surprise when the supply suddenly went thin, and I see that my third banker made a sale.

  5. I stink at holding and waiting...I probably sell too low and too often...
    I got burned hording thorium ore when it was regularly selling 4 gold each and now I buy ore at 18-20 a stack.....

    Wow changes the rules...Like I have friends with multiple miners just for the titansteel cooldown...they could not be more mad and upset when they heard 3.3.3 no more titansteel cool down.

  6. I've stopped being surprised at what 1 off oddball pricing can get you. I've sold too many 48 silver mini-pets for 100 gold or more to understand why some folks buy what they do.

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