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sabot7726 asked on the JMTC forums under Rags to Riches:

I was wondering what the big time money makers do in a typical gold-making session because I'm curious if my routine is the norm or if I'm wasting a lot of time.

I typically get home from work and do something like this:

1. Log my alchemist, do my daily xmute, make as many flasks as I can from the herbs my farming character got and send to a bank alt.

2. Log my JC, do the daily for a token, cut whatever gems look low based on QA3 summary, process any cheap saronite I find on the AH

3. My JC is also my enchanter so I DE any greens I happened across and make a few scrolls based on what's low in the AH.

4. Log my miner and do my daily titansteel CD, maybe a couple laps around somewhere for some more ore.


I realize I could hire tons of farmers and really build up a money making machine but I also play at 6am server time since I work all night, so it hasn't been easy even finding people on :p

Just curious what the millionaires do instead? What order do you do what in?
This was a great question and it got some good responses. The thread just goes to show you how organized some players are for making gold in this game. Post in the comments section or on the thread with your own list of what you do.
If you don't have your own list of what order you perform actions with your characters to make gold then you had better write one down and stick to it! You'll save tons of time and become way more efficient at making gold in wow.

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  1. 1) Log on Shaman (LW/BS) scan AH for disenchant items, then scan for Borean Leather, buy up all Borean Leather cheaper than 12g a stack and make Heavy Borean leather that I trade in for arctic fur. Sell the fur or Leg Armor, and then relist D/E'd items.

    2) Log onto Druid (Alc/Ins) check glyph prices, make a bunch of glyphs and send them to bank toon, do research for Alc/Ins, do daily transmute.

    3) Log onto Pally (BS/JC only level 34) buy rare patterns on the ah.

    That's about it for me.

  2. I used to have a similar routine (except for the flask part, as I used the herbs to make glyphs instead), and managed to get to 50k with it very quickly, so sabot7726 is definitely on the right path :D

  3. I wonder if the 6a playtime may be screwing up his auctions. I find that if I post my auctions too early in the day on my server that I tend to get undercut before the larger buyer populations log on later in the day. This can be the difference between days with 800g and 3500g revenue. That said, it sounds like the sabot7726 is doing the right things.

  4. Here is my problem...
    I have 120k gold.
    I have every profession maxed except for tailor, leather, and eng.

    But i hate playing in groups farming for badges...
    My guild does not have spots for 10 raid and we only have 14 regulars so no 25.

    Now do i keep crappy gear until cataclym or just hold my nose and grind badges?

    Because the more time i am in a group is less time I could be farming mats and checking ah for deals.

    Oh by the way did i say my gear stinks and I don't know what to do?

  5. 1) Log into glyph mule #1, open all mail, post glyphs.

    2) Log into glyph mule #2, open all mail, post glyphs.

    3) Log into my Scribe / Alchemest, open all mail, post glyphs.

    4) Log into my JC, cancel all auctions that were undercut over night, open all mail, craft gems that were sold over night, repost gems. make a note how my uncut meta gem stockpile is looking.

    5) Log back into the alchemest / scribe.
    - Make metas if needed on the JC
    - KTQ up 10 of every glyph. if it queues up more then 5 of any glyph, I'll recraft + mail out all glyphs now.
    - do daily xmute, send free gem to the JC.
    - check the AH for cheap herbs, buy them all. Store in bank for future milling session*.

    6) Log back into JC
    - do a search for all epic and rare quality gems, and saronite and titanium ore at or below my buying price, and buy them all out
    - Do daily icy prisim
    - put surplus mats in the bank, AH the green quality gems that are either garbage, or I already have a surplus of.

    repeat steps 1-4 (minus the JC cancel all, becuase that would be a huge loss in profits) through out the day when I have a few miniutes to kill.

    *I try to time my milling sessions with the release of a new call to Auction or Casticlysim, to make banging on my "=" key macro less painful.

  6. 6am - log on to my alchemists (9 in total) and do my daily transmutes and hope like crazy for a proc.

    - cut icy prism' on JC'ers (3) and then pick up the daily and fly to the location.

    - jump on banker, buy up cheap cloth, frozen orbs, gems (for flipping). Post up my gems and restock the buff food market.

    - check back during my lunch hour to see what has sold and see what has to be relisted and do the JC dailies and post the dragon's eyes.

    - 6ish at night when I'm home and settled, log and collect and post some more

  7. I just got done with a bunch of recruit a friend levels, so my JC was at 450 by level 65. My stuffs been skewed a little funny due to that I feel.

    1. Check whats sold on the main, Relist items that were used to level my professions, gear, meta gems, ext.
    2. Get on the warrior 73 maxed out Engineer/Miner and float around WG and the basin till I get 150 Saronite, and what ever number of titanium ores. (Noting the engineer, fire eternals are super easy to obtain that way)
    -Smelt the Saronite Bars, Send the Titanium to be Prospected. Ship the Saronite to the Alchemist.
    3. Alchemist transmute master's the Saronite to titanium bars, does the epic gem mute for the day. Sends the gem to the main, unless I have a cut for the gem. (Since I was 65 when she got maxed, it's been a little difficult to get her the tokens, lol!)
    4. Log onto my 3 Maxed miners, mute my Titansteel.
    5. Pop onto the scribe, do my research.
    6. Prospect the titanium, and do the icy prism on the JC, Send purple gems to the Ah, put the blue and green gems in the bank for the alchemist and such.
    7. Then post up the new auctions and then it gets variable.
    8. Buying up a LOT of frozen orbs right now, since most of them are under 20g. If it's under 15,it's mine. Stock piling for when the demand for them is higher.
    9. Also stock piling resources used for the engineering pets when they become BOE next patch. I plan to make about 20 of each pet the day it comes out, and post just 1 at a time to keep my profits maxed. Flooding the market is not the way to make gold.
    10. Check Abyss Crystal Prices, if they're around 20g, shatter em, save the infinite dust to make bags, repost the cosmic essence for more than what I bought the shards for
    11. Then if I wanna change gears, or toons, I pop onto my herbalist, then filter about half of my frost lotus to the Ah, the other half to making Flasks, herbs are either milled, flasked, or AH'd in stacks.
    12. I'm also ALWAYS on the look for rare mobs, they will drop over 15 gold ON them. Sometimes you'll also get an item that will sell for a pretty penny, or will at least be an easy dream shard.

    That is what I've been doing for just a short period of time, I'm no where close to gold capped, I do have 10 toons, of which only 5 have their epic flying. Some are still under the level, but It's a process, lol! Once those are all paid for, thats when the fun really starts!

  8. Log on my only char, alch/ench, check the ah for lvl 73+ items, buy the reasonable priced ones, disenchant them for cosmic essences. Check out green items that disenchant into 5.5 inf. dusts, buy them if below 10 g (amazing how many of them are), buy all the abyss crystals below 30-35g, do my daily transmute. Always check for lichblooms, since their price will spike before raids reset. Buy all lichblooms with reasonable prices, frost lotus and goldclover and start making flasks of endless rage. Set them up in stacks of 5 for 120g. That's it. I have all the gear i want, pets are not my thing, i have a westfall chicken.

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