The Snowfall Rush - It's that time of the month

There are not all that many ways to get rid of snowfall inks (darkmoon faire cards, off hands, or runescrolls) and of the ways to get rid of them selling them right back to the auction house is usually the least profitable.

Option 1: If you have too many snowfalls
Try to sell them for sub optimal prices during this week and the next for the darkmoon faire. You will have much more demand for the items but will probably have to sacrifice a little profit in exchange for lots and lots of bulk sales.

Option 2: You have no snowfalls and want them for crafting
Buy them now when people dump them just to get rid of their surplus snowfall inks for those making cards in the faire. If you are one of those people trying to buy them now is the time to do it. During the week of the faire prices can skyrocket randomly if there is not enough supply to handle the sudden spikes in demand from card makers buying hundreds of inks.

Obviously if you have eternal lifes your best time to sell is this week and during the faire. Have fun!

  1. I'm on a low population server personally. Glyph sales have been great recently, as the expensive herbs have driven a few of my competitors away. However I can't get rid of my snowfalls fast enough.

    I can't sell snowfalls whether it's in stacks of 1 or 6. Beancounter reports 3 succesful auctions of 1 in the past month, so I've given up on selling them invidually.

    Of the darkmoon cards, only Nobles and Death have any real demand, and they move very slowly these days as gear level in general is pretty high. I've had a Prisms deck for a few months, that I can't sell for even less than 100g. Berserker is also not in very high demand at all, so only half of the cards could potentially be useful.

    I would make a loss on Berserker and Prisms, and barely break even with Death not counting the time spent on crafting and selling. I'd essentially be gambling on getting enough of Nobles, and still being able to find a buyer for them before Cataclysm makes it worthless.

    I'm worried that I would end up with a lot of mismatched cards, and would likely have difficulties selling even the good decks if I got lucky with them. The random cards will likely lose nearly all their value when we get closer to Cataclysm. If I made a few hundred cards, I'd probably end up with at least several dozen that I couldn't pair up with anything. Eternal life is also rather expensive right now.

    Runescrolls sell in decent quantities, but there's not enough demand to use a large part of my snowfalls. I might sell 10-20 scrolls per day, but I already have 500 inks rotting in my bank.

    The good thing is that I stocked up a lot of herbs when the prices were still low, and the glyph business is doing good. A lot of glyphs are selling for 20-70g, and they're selling decently. For now I'm just storing snowfall in my bank, and hoping that they'll have another use in the future.

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