Suggestion Box Friday - Podcast Questions

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog writer, it's when I, the gold guru, defender of small kittens, last bastian of protection pvp, and all around good guy... markco, step down from my primordial, saronite plated throne and allow you, the adorable amateur a shot at making heads or tails of the world of warcraft auction house.

Haha I love that openning line, it never gets old.

Anyways, I would like today's comments to focus on podcasting and questions you might have for either one that I participate in, as well as ideas for future shows. The shows are Call to Auction and Castaclysm.

Otherwise, you may comment on anything if you'd like.

Also, I'm scrapping the Art of Gold Contest as no one seems to want to participate :(

6 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday - Podcast Questions"

  1. Wtfrost - Maelstrom said... March 19, 2010 at 10:54 AM

    Hello Marcko,

    I love your podcasts and have been following them religiously sometimes listening to them 2-3 times just to comprehend all the information provided. Seeing as you have obviously been contributing to the gold making community for much longer than I have been a part of it I'd love to have some input on the following subject.

    When I started putting into practise about 3 weeks ago, the tips provided, especially in regards to inscription I amassed a lukewarm 17k in profit from where I started. This week I have dived into the gem market and been hitting it off getting stacks of titanium ore at 200g :D

    Now, to further your podcasts I think a fantastic idea would be to further your discussion on finding farmers. Not just finding them but how you go about negotiating and getting a fair and reasonable price from them. Just as an aside : Do you /who? Do you talk to the people you see unloading numerous stacks on the auction house? And how do you go about doing it? (ingame mail? trade spam?)

    Thanks again for your time and constant contribution to not only your blog but also the forums and podcasts from myself and every other frequenting reader!

  2. Neat ideas, I will pass this information along and we may even discuss it tonight while recording castaclysm

  3. I love the podcasts but i seem to hit a lil snatch in my gold making
    i make between 1-3k gold a day and i can't seem to get more, been up to 70k gold, bought some BOE's & now I'm "stuck" around 55k gold now. this is mostly cus I am stocking up on a few things (eternal fire's & frozen orbs)

    I sell:
    old world enchants
    my epic transmute (cut) gem each day
    some blue gems
    loads & loads of glyphs
    pets (mostly vendor pets at 2x the price)
    some vellums & other items as well

    I haven't don't a lot of mass bid on cheap items & then selling them yet. I never seem to find a lot, maybe a lot of competition? a focus part about this would be nice

    I don't really spend that much gold, just a few flasks here & there.

    I have 4 lvl 80's atm
    I would love to get bit more.. advanced idea's/tips

    thanks for the awesome job & keep it up!

  4. Keep the art of gold open! Its a great idea and I know that I am still working on mine

  5. I will keep art of gold open for now if people are interested, but I don't think there will be more than a handful of submissions and I was hoping for 20-50.

    Still send the art my way and I'll award the top 2 a guide, even if it's 2 submissions total.

  6. Marcko,

    I have been a casual reader of your blog, and the forums on occasion for a while now. I have trouble finding/consuming information on a short break at work. Now that the podcast is here I can listen during my commute, and I learn a lot in the process. I am a huge fan of the podcast!

    I wanted to add to Wtfrost's comment about finding/recruiting farmers. I have been involved in the gem market for a while now on my server (very low pop when you cross my faction with my server) and I am running on tighter margins than I would like. The only way I can think of to fix that is to get some suppliers.

    There is very little Titanium Ore posted no matter what day, and it is almost always at "normal" price. The transmuters post uncuts but the volume is low. Good news is that the gem prices fluctuate enough that you can sell high on certain days.

    I hope you cover this in a future podcast, and keep up the good work!

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