We all need to vent sometimes and I don't mean ventrillo! Well at least I hope you don't vent on ventrillo because the record button is always in reach... Anyways, we all have our moments where we get really pissed at our fellow auctioneers for their intentional or even unintentional actions. Someone posting five hundred armor vellum III's for 2 gold each (cough guilty cough) may piss you off big time, but it's important to understand that getting mad does not help the situation either. Ask yourself, why did that person do something so rash? What was/is their goal? How can I react? The appropriate response is sometimes just to do nothing! Let the market correct itself and jump back in during the next cycle. Sometimes you should move on and try another market for a bit and then come back when it's profitable in the days or even weeks to come. Perhaps the person who did it will realize that they are making minimum profit and such tactics are not worth their time? Maybe that person has a lot of real life stuff going on as well as maintaining an awesome gold making community for world of warcraft and posted the auctions as an example for a post?

Next time you get "walled" as I like to call it where an entire page (50 items) or more appears and undercuts you severely, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Should I respond?
  • Can this person maintain this?
  • Am I wasting my time and should I temporarily move on to another market?

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  1. I don't think anyone could maintain that dump..unless they are boting 24/7 and getting the Azure Pigment for essentially zero aside from setting up a PC and running 24/7 on a separate account.
    I do know that a lot of new inscriptionists like me tried out the their first Darkmoone Fair by milling as much as possible looking for Icy Pigment. So it is possible that he is just clearing out his bags of Azure Pigment cause he is sick of inscription and is just frustrated and is burning his stock out.

  2. I'm on an original server with a 4:1 A:H ratio and there are a lot of people on the house. Sometimes you can see that a player is grinding through a tradeskill as they post 20g items for 2g in bulk. I tend to just roll with it as the market always resettles. If they are below market cost, I'll just buy them out as it's free money.

  3. You should also be asking yourself "Do I care?"

    At any given time, at least one of the markets on AH is going south, if you put all your eggs in that basket then by all means you have the right to be angry.

    On the other hand, if you diversify your AH ventures to reach several different markets and sub-markets it doesn't reall matter in the end!

    Some random idiot posted every single glyph there is for 1g each? Doesn't matter, at least your Flasks will still sell. And vice versa. You might lose out in one place, but you might also make more than usual in another. Spreading your auctioneering makes it all even out in the end.. Just keep posting at a sane market price and things will be back to normal in a jiffy, without you even noticing it.

  4. Why would someone posting 50 items at or below material cost piss anyone off? If they're stupid enough to build that wall, buy all their product and relist it for a profit. Thank them for doing the gathering, milling, and crafting work while you take the profit for re-listing.

  5. I've been using "walling" lately to push out competition in a market I once was the sole regular supplier. Sure a seller here and there, maybe 2-3 auctions undercutting mine, but no big deal.

    Then more and more people began posting 5, 10, 15 of each item undercut my price, reducing my quantity of sales to near zero.

    At first I withdrew from the market to watch, and tried to post when there was little to no competition for a short time, but that didn't last long and was inconsistent.

    So I got more aggressive. Started walling off entire pages, and sent whispers to the competitors "I have thousands of these, I'm not going anywhere" to let them know this was a market I was passionate about.

    So far it is working :) As long as I can get the materials for cheap, I can drive out competition with rock-bottom prices (knowing I can go even lower if someone tries to compete) to increase market share.

  6. IMO the best thing to do is set up a minimum profit per item. If the market go under your minimum you stop posting those item till its back up.

    No stress ... price always manage to get back up and you continue. I guess its frustrating for people who exploit only one single market.

  7. As you and Gevlon(don't take it personal) stated before it's impossible to dominate WOW market because there is no opportunity cost for joining and/or leaving the market.

    So yes, the best you can do is just wait or concentrate your efforts/money on other market.

  8. As an enchanter, I realy wish someone would do that on my server. There would be a simple answer - buy them all, and hope they post more.

  9. Selling armor vellum III's for 2 gold each is making profit guys if you get the herbs cheap enough...

    Not enough to warrant doing it 24/7 but enough to allow you to push a competitor away who gets annoying. Which is what I did and it worked!

  10. I am much more likely to overcut a wall for items like enchanting with no posting cost. I am always short of bag space, and overcutting will raise the AA average price, and people's expectation, so why not stick extras in the AH rather than put them in the bank.

  11. @wiggin

    Are you the thorn in my side? Haha I'm having the same problem in a market that you speak of

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