What Motivates You to Make Gold?

Just wanted to know, what modivates you to keep on working the AH and making gold, when you have more than you ever will need? At one point I hit 115k, but I just can't seem to make myself want to keep at it... I just wanted some advice.

Great email CMill! Motivation always is either dependent upon a need or a joy in life. If you find that making gold in wow is a fun, joyous occasion in which you need nothing other than the sound of incoming money to fuel your efforts, the more power to you! However, for most people it comes down to a need; i.e. epic flying or a new carbine, etc. If you are one of the many people who make gold to fulfill a need, odds are you will lose your motivation once the gold required for that need is surpassed.

Myself, I find that I love to find new ways to make gold in an effort to master the world of warcraft economic system. Because that is my motivation, I have difficulty staying on any one gold making method for a long period of time. Thunderion, from the castaclysm podcast, likes to call this phenomenon "Productive ADD." What's funny is that he's spot on; I literally move from productive idea to productive idea with great intensity. I only ever return to a method of gold making to try and tweak it or bring some new look at my old ways.

Thanks to my personal love for finding new ways to make gold and reevaluate the old ones, you get the crazy and often illogical rantings that make up the just my two copper posts.

Which is why guest posts are always wanted, and emails like this where you ask me an open ended question make great posts for me and awesome links for your site. Thanks CMill!

So what motivates you to make gold? Joy or Need?

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  1. Fear motivates me. I'm afraid of Cataclysm. I want to be goldcapped (or close) by then so that money isn't an issue during the expansion. Everything's changing, and I don't want gold to be an issue.

  2. For me its more Joy than Need.
    I am not in a great guild.
    I don't have the best pvp gear.
    But I can absolutely pvp on the auction house.
    I have 120k and I just got my second account for cross faction...
    Orbs horde 100g
    Orbs Ally 160g.
    Primordial Horde 1400g
    Primordial Ally 1700g..

    Gold cap next stop.

    But I also should say my favorite thing about wow is that it keeps my active. I am constantly spiced to figure out the next way to make gold on my server...Great Cheap addiction considering the alternatives.

  3. I make gold because I like having it and being able to spend it or waste it on anything I need or don't.

  4. I guess my motivation is basically the same as a lot of the poster's on this site will be, and that is to be ready for the new expansion.

    I also cross faction trade my main 2 items as of right now is Runescroll of Fortitude and Wool Cloth

    Runescroll Horde= 6-8 per 5 stack
    Runescroll Alliance = 18-25 per 5 stack.

    Wool Cloth horde = 15-25 a Stack
    Wool Cloth Alliance = 3-9 a Stack

    I am scribe so I just buy up cheap herbs mill and make 500-1k of the scrolls and then take them to my bank alt on the alliance side at the same time getting the wool I have stockpiled.

    Well see I have learned something else didn't bother to look in at the price of herbs on alliance, maybe do some cheap buying on Horde and Sell High on Alliance.

    I have a 70 DK with 450 Blacksmith and 450 Alchemy ,80 Mage 450 herb and 450 inscrip all glyph's known but I am thinking about dropping Herb for Tailoring on my mage (any thoughts on this and if it will be profitable to do this.

    I did stockpile Frozen Orbs in prep for the patch today and anything else like the eternal's had about 10k in gold saved up to get geared but decided to gamble with the orbs and such we shall see if it pays off.

  5. It's more Need than Joy for me.
    I mostly need to get rid of all the stuff my 3 80s and levelers pick up that I don't want cluttering up their bag space.
    Selling picked up stuff and running the scan for vendor, prospecting, milling and disenchanting easily makes 200g on the worst days and up to 3000g on the best for me. I'm able to afford anything I really want, like rare-drop patterns and mats for my levelers' skills when I don't feel like going out and farming.
    I've got an eye on the gold cap, and have been spending more time on my auctioneer lately, but it's just not a priority. It's Over 9000! is my priority for my main.

  6. I like being the best at the "market" whatever that may be. By 25, I had built 3 companies IRL from scratch and sold them for 6 figures net profit. I am a huge entrepreneur, and I strive to always do better and learn more. A life long learner, a person with a mind always open no matter how much they know, will always be the greatest asset to others, as well as themselves.

  7. Fear also motivates me to make gold and the need, the two never seem to have a limit, Now one thing i see that has been overlooked is the Mailbox it is the tool used in 95% of our money making Endevours, and my question is what is the addon that allows you to get ALL the mail with one button, even the stuff that is in "queue" aka when you have more than 50. All you do is click get all and go AFK for a couple mins and it will refresh the mailbox for you until all is gone, PS sorry for the tangent but i to go to work now and been looking for this after my addons crashed

  8. I definitely do it for joy...although now it is all I do in wow. I've become quite bored with randoms and raids havent suited me well in WotLK.

    In fact I've ran 1 instance in the last month, but my gold business has seen an uptick.

    I recently have become an aggressive undercutter in a market that I once dominated (with only a few occasional sellers). Recently more and more players were driving down the prices, and on a consistent basis. I cut prices by more than half, and posted sometimes as many as 40 of a single item at a time to push out competition.

    I have found this to be quite fun :) I'm not looking for a monopoly, just fewer "regular" sellers.

  9. Grabbing a cheap battered hilt for an alt, preparing for cataclysm, mastering a specific market, mounts, or just plan crushing the competition.

  10. my epeen ad the joy of making my epeen bigger. lol someone had to say it. But for real so that i never ever have to struggle with having the best gems/enchants and gold to repair did it through 2 x packs never again.

  11. First 100K was Need.

    First gold cap was Idle Curiosity.

    First half million was Retaliation.

    Next million after that was Gojira romping through a dandelion patch.

    (But even Gojira can get burnt out by Blizzard's constant futzing with what's left of the economy. I'm taking a break until we see what's in the Cataclysm beta.)

  12. My motivation is to beat my partner. He started with a 30k lead, i've closed that rapidly within about 1.5months to 9k. Once I overtake him I'll slow down (somewhat). And yes - Cat - having enough gold for Cat is also a large consideration.

  13. This is off topic but, about how low do you expect Frost Lotus to drop? They are around 28g each now on my server.

  14. To answer the question of the 2nd Anynomous: what addon to use to open all mail while afk for a few minutes, it is Postal + "MailOpener".

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