5 Tips to Making 1 Million Gold in Cataclysm - Tip #2

Tip #2: Gems and Ore

BC Ore, Old World Ore/Gems

The reasoning behind BC ore and old world ore/gems is Jewelcrafting. JC and enchanting are probably going to be the best combo of abilities for arenas, particularly if Jewelcrafting gets special gems that are better than whatever blue gems we are given at 85. While waiting for the epic gems JC will have a leg up against other professions for arena and pve min/maxers.

Therefore, expect many players to powerlevel Jewelcrafting to go along with their alchemy or skinning depending on whether they chose a Goblin (yey) or Worgen (boo).

Mercurial adamantite is going to be the big seller, as well as mithril and thorium ore. The gems associated with these ore will also go for a pretty penny, particularly the ones from mithril. Stockpile these like crazy and you'll be rolling in money. I highly suggest buying these for 100% normal value or less, since inflation and insane initial demand will take care of increasing the price.

I expect cataclysm to be the greatest chance for wealth we've seen since inscription was introduced and those of us (chuckle) who stockpiled thousands of herbs sold them for hundreds of gold per stack.

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  1. Wouldn't the number of new toons going dual gathering (eg, mining/skinning) inundate the market with lower level ores for awhile?

  2. Why Mercurial Adamantite? If I remember correctly when I leveled JC (twice) I didn't use much of it, just cut the blue gems from vendor patterns.

  3. My stockpile so far includes:

    4000 Thorium Ore
    385 Large Opal
    174 Azerothian Diamond
    307 Blue Sapphire
    50 Star Ruby
    3558 Bolt of Netheweave

    I still have over 2000 Eternal Earth that I'm turning into Infinite Dust.

    I'm working on having around 10,000 Ink of the sea as well. Milling is the last thing I want to be doing when cata comes out.

    It would be great to have a list of all the roadblock mats :)

  4. Should I prospect the Adamantite Ore for Mercurial adamantite?

    Or leave it as ore?

  5. Do you think the '5 levels per blue' skillup change will effect Mercurial prices? Or it is only used for green recipes when leveling?

  6. The question about mercurial comes down to skill levels 340-350. You can power through with green quality gems (which I generally opt to do), or you can use mercurial. It usually takes me about 25 green gems to get those 10 skill ups. I find that to be the cheaper method for getting through BC jewelcrafting (I've done it four times now). But... not everyone goes that route, obviously, so there is still a market for the Mercurial.

    To the above poster, there is no need to cut the blue quality gems. They are not available until 350, at which point, you can start using green quality wrath gems.

    As for whether to prospect your Adamantite, or to sell it as ore, I'd leave it as ore for now, and see what the market 'suggests' when you're ready to sell, and the act accordingly! :)

    Has the five skill ups per blue item been confirmed yet, or is that just speculation still?

  7. I've been in the ore markets for a while now, and always look for underpriced Iron, Fel Iron, Mithril, Thorium and Adamantite.

    Iron ore prospects in Citrine, Jade, Aquamarine, Lesser Moonstone and occasionally Star Ruby. I can sell these, in respect to their order, for as much as 15, 10, 7, 5, 7 gold each. A decent profit knowing I will get 6 gems per stack of iron, but compeititon has been tough.

    Mithril ore, I just tend to buy at 40g or less and sit on it. Quite often the market goes dry and I can sell stacks of the ore, or convert into bars for 75g a stack. Buying this ore to prospect isn't worth it because of its already high cost.

    Thorium has been my most consistent market although I currently face the toughest competition. Just this morning I bought 100 stacks of thorium ore for 10g a stack...something stupid. But, gem prices are falling like a ton of bricks. I have been trying to push out competitors through rock bottom prices, and it seems to work, but new competitors still enter the market trying to make their way in.

    Fel Iron and Adamantite prospect into valuable green-quality gems that are needed 300-350 in high quantities. I sell these greens gems for 5-10g a pop. Adamantite has the benefit of powder. I sell the powder for 7-10g each, or make the Mercurial Adamantite and sell 4 at a time for 35-55g (4 because many power leveling JC guides reccomend using 4 for leveling purposes).

    But if Markco is right and Thorium ore is going to be more valuable...I'll keep my stock up.

  8. @Cameron

    You won't be able to trade down ink of the sea as of patch 4.0.1, so you'd better trade them into other inks. Also in that patch the price of making each glyph will increase from 1 to 3 inks, so you might want to make the glyphs ahead of time since it will be 300% cheaper.

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