5 Tips to Making 1 Million Gold in Cataclysm - Tip #3

Tip #3: Enchanting Mats (old world, bc, but not wrath)

I originally stated in an old post that I would hang on to all wrath mats, I've decided against "all" wrath mats. There will be new recipes that will remove the need for wrath mats, except for dust and essences. Get those if you want, but don't focus on any shards,old world, bc, and especially wrath ones.

The dust is the main seller, followed by the essences for all levels of enchanting. The shards are usually rarely used and only a handful total throughout the leveling process become necessary to level to the current max (this is because mostly chest and weapon enchants require shards of any kind). In order to get your enchanting materials, instead of just looking at the dusts/essences themselves, try to look into buying up greens and disenchanting them. This will give you the highest return on investment from enchanting materials.

When I say stockpile... I mean bloody guild bank tabs.

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  1. Your forgetting however, an Abyss crystal can be shattered into dust/essences. Although you are right that you shouldn't hold onto such items. If during cataclysm they drop really low. It maybe worth abyss shattering.

  2. are these 5 tips just gonna end up being stockpile all profession mats from old world and bc? Lemme guess we should stock up on old world leather and bc leather for people pleveling leatherworking?

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