5 Tips to Making 1 Million Gold in Cataclysm - Tip #4

Tip #4: What not to do... that you think will make sense

Mithril spurs and any other patterns.

At first you would say... oh boy recipes will help people level faster! Especially those recipes that are perfect for saving money while leveling a profession like the famous mithril spurs! Wrong. Well, sort of. Most likely wrong. Here's why: Blizzard is changing the way we level professions in cataclysm, so odds are those recipes will no longer be necessary, while the materials we would be using to power level anyway will always be necessary for leveling.

Skinning knives

Worgens use their claws... don't try to sell skinning knives...

Wrath, bc, old world shards (as discussed in tip #3)

As discussed before, these will not be used in bulk by the enchanting leveling population.

Saving Up Gold

You may think it makes sense to build up a nice pile of gold in preparation for cataclysm but you would be incorrect. Investing will make more gold per hour right now than continuing to craft and sell your normal goods

5 comments: on "5 Tips to Making 1 Million Gold in Cataclysm - Tip #4"

  1. i disagree saving up to try and be the first in some markets will make more gold. Markets such as JC and Inscription.

  2. I just wanted to stop in with a quick comment.

    Have you thought about the affect your advice will have on the gold making community?

    I'm already seeing a difference in my DE-farm returns (dust and essences are flying off the shelves, shards are getting returned).

  3. @Bobreaze

    You're kinda missing the point, of course it would be a good idea keeping at least 10k liquid in order to put yourself at the frontline of cataclysm production, but having a huge amount of money sitting around doing nothing is only going to be a negative. Since everyone will have larger amounts of gold through standard expansion inflation, the value of your stored gold will drop. At the same time, old world materials will appreciate in value, it could be possible to be selling materials for DOUBLE their current value if you just have the patience to wait untill inflation does it's job.

  4. Hi guys, I am just wondering about old world shards such as large bril's

    I always tend to keep a few (under 100) of these puppies so I can keep churning out High end Vanilla enchants for the heirloom items.

    Would it be an idea to keep slowly build up stock of the mats for high end vanilla chants for when alts and heirloom gear starts to gain popularity again? I was under the impression that BOA gear will still help get bonus xp for the new races until L80.

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  5. actually in beta worgens still require knives

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