Book of Glyph Mastery Prices Plummeting

I've noticed that book of glyph mastery's price has been plummeting for quite some time, down all the way from 200 gold at the release of wrath to 16 gold on my server. What does this mean? It means that now is the perfect time to get an inscriptionist if you haven't already and pick up the vast majority of glyphs relatively quickly at max level. I can still pull in an easy 1,000 gold from glyphs per day with my scribe, vellums, runescrolls, and off hands without posting more than once. If you babysit I'm sure you can pull in 3,000 or more.

What have book of glyph mastery prices been like on your server? I contribute the gradual drop in price to the looking for dungeon tool, as well as the lack of demand for the items by serious scribes who have been around for more than three months at max level.

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  1. Markco the best thing you ever did was post "for dummies" step by step how to auctioneer.

    Please do the same thing with inscriptionist addons...Kev QuickAuction...etc...

    I do not know how to use an auto create / auto post inscription addon.

    I assume Kevtool looks at what you can make,,what the prices are on the auction house and then another addon creates those glyphs and post them.

    I do not know how to do it because I am stupid. And I am lazy and I need baby steps to learn.

    I need a "for dummies"
    1) scan auction house
    2) see what's in your inventory
    3) see what glyphs you can make
    4) auto post the glphys.


    P.S. We need a new Call to Auction podcast asap please

  2. I noticed this happen on a few servers that I am on. At the current moment, I am up to between 60-300 books per server that I play on. I buy them up for around 8-15g each. And if I see someone posting in bulk, I add them to friends to see if they pop on while I'm farming my Lichbloom, if by the time I am done they have not, I send them an e-mail explaining that I would buy all of them for 10%-15% discount of their asking price. Many times this works and has me in much anticipation of Cataclysm.

    Another item that I have seen fall in price recently are many of the Outland herbs. I've been buying up some of these to save time from farming these myself.

    Side question - With Cataclysm's upcoming release there is supposed to be a facelift happening to all professions and how skill ups are granted. Have they announced when they plan to unveil more specifically how these systems will work. Or do you have a guestimation when they might release more details?

    Side Question 2 - Since Blackrock Mountain explodes in the Cataclysm, any word if BRD, LBRS, UBRS, BWL, and/or MC are being removed/effected? As an enchanter who makes plenty of gold off the +29sp and +30sp to weapon for BoAs, if they change things, it would be a huge boost to profits and I am just curious.

  3. I am currently trying to get all the receipies for my scribe. I'm about 40 short over all and buy these books when the price is right. I'm on a pretty small server, only 14k Alliance side. The prices can very wildly, i've seen them as low as 10g up to 80g. They seem to be an average of 35-40g though.

  4. I personally have stocked about 150 of these for Cataclysm, as I was finding these on AH for 10-15 gold I did not believe it to be a bad investment.

    Of course I did not buy all of them I did win a neat pile of these from the random dungeons.

  5. Inscriptionist isn't a word.

  6. Touch of Idiocy said... April 20, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    16g is about right on my server as well. Still plenty of room for gain from the folks who list with 2g bids and let me win them. :)

  7. They have dropped as well on all three of my servers. Since I am leveling up a new druid healer, I may be able to take advantage of this to get him to full potential faster and cheaper. to follow my progress.

  8. You guys might want to rethink your stockpiling strategy. Blizzard has a history of making recipies from previous expansions much easier to get. Rare boss drop enchant recipies from vanilla and BC seem to drop every time now if you have the skill to use it. I highly doubt that cataclysm era scribes will have to worry about farming glyph books from northrend.

  9. I learned all 57 book recipes in a week because of the prices. That being said, only about half turn a profit (>4g per).

    @rachaels_dad: KTQ will queue the items for you if you set a threshold. You also need Sparky's Workshop. Posting helps with QA3.
    1) scan the AH with /auc getall
    2) open sparkys so the prices get updated (you see the progress bar)
    3) type /ktq set threshold 6g
    4) type /ktq queue 5 glyphs
    5) reopen sparkys to see the queue
    6) get the mats you need from the shopping list
    7) click process for each type of glyph. 21 glyph types = 21 clicks of process. There is no way to automate this step.
    8) type /qa config
    9) create a new group for your glyphs and set the options you want. 5g threshold, 30g fallback are decent enough.
    10) add all your glyphs to the list
    11) post!

    Seeing as how Cataclysm is removing skills and adding new ones, I expect Inscription to be massively overhauled. Hoarding anything right now, 6 months from the expansion makes no sense as you could just profit from it now!

  10. @rachaels_dad

    Have fun making any money when there is a public step-by-step guide on how to do something. That's exactly how you lose money.

    Stop getting your damn hand held and learn how to do things for yourself like the rest of us. It isn't hard.

  11. I am slighty aprehensive about buying these. Knowing blizz they wont leave these books for people to farm in cataclysm.

    I think that they are going to either make a cataclyms equivalent which also includes the glyphs found in northrend books, or they are going to make the glyphs learnt from book of glyph mastery into trainable glyphs.

    However this is purely speculation and still a great idea with the current knowledge we have.

  12. Rachaels_dad I will definitely consider posting some more guides similar to 22 steps to using auctioneer because that page still remains my most popular article.

    To those who believe step by step guides always ruin markets... how special do you think your methods really are? Do you honestly believe there are many scribes who do not use addons?

    Keep in mind my style of writing... I tend to leave plenty of room for creativity by not spoon feeding 100%. You have your points though, it is true that simply following guides is the way to lose money.

  13. Inscriptionist... Scribe? lol

  14. Scribbler.

  15. Oh, Marko! I beg you to reconsider your use of "inscriptionist". Please say "scribe"... for me?

  16. @First anonymous
    One of the things I've readed somewhere was that one crafted item might grant 5(or any other number) skillups. That way professions would be faster and easier to level. I'm not sure though, but if it would happen it would make powerleveling your professions a lot cheaper.

  17. Depends on the server I guess. I'm on a high pop pvp realm Sylvanas. Some days when I'm at work and there isn't much to do I babysit it, relist every hour for 8 hours, then relist every 3 hours at home for about 2-3 times untill I hit the sack. This nets me like 8k/day midweek and 10-15k/day in the weekend.

    But I usually just post once every 2 days as I don't really need the gold or got any caps left to reach also these kind of high sales usually comes with atleast 1 hour/day just milling and crafting.

    Also the book doesn't learn you every glyph there is and chances are there are some wannabe goblin campers out there that have learned all the recipes in that book and competing with them isn't worth it unless you play their camping game.

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