Cataclysm Dailies for Enchanting

Currently enchanting has no daily quest for making gold or discovering recipes, instead you can buy all the recipes (pre raiding) for dream shards. These dream shards have dropped to the point of being ridiculously cheap thanks to the random dungeon finder tool. Due to the low price of dream shards, a player can quickly get an enchant every vendor recipe available in dalaran and start their enchanting business. Now obviously there are some enchants you definitely want to get from the old world but the point is that all vendor recipes are quickly available if you have the bank account to mass purchase dream shards. That being said, if you don't have an enchanter then now is the time to get one and easily stockpile the dalaran recipes for the cataclysm expansion.

What would happen if dailies were implemented for enchanting similar to jewelcrafting? If they are implemented: enchanting will become like jewelcrafting is now, difficult to get into but amazing if you start with it from the beginning and do your dailies every day. I believe there will be dailies implemented in cataclysm for all professions that don't have them currently, even gathering.

What do you think?

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  1. Erm... what do you mean stockpile the recipes, they're all BoP. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding.

    The shards themselves however I can easily see going up in price tremendously since nobody will be farming NR heroics a million times a day. And a select few NR enchants I imagine still being viable (or at least as alternatives) in Cat end game.

  2. Stockpile as in have them ready to sell via scrolls to leveling players. People will want enchants going from level 65-85 that are cheaper than the level 85 enchanting mats will be at the start of the expansion.

  3. Certainly hope not, the horror of doing those dailies vs just buying the mats from the ah?

  4. Enchanting scrolls are at least a huge bet to stock.
    Most people that are lvl 80 now are in full epics, either tier 9 or 10. They are usually fully gemmed, and fully enchanted. By the time they'll find replacements for that, they'll probably be 85 anyway. Unless the gear curve has changed, that is.
    So if you're unlucky, you'll end up having huge stocks of scrolls nobody wants.

  5. I am actually surprised they have not made every single profession a daily quest.
    I mean why not...what would the reason be for not having a daily quest for say blacksmith/skinning/etc......

  6. I know why because daily quest blow. Every profession should be similar to inscription. Time investment but not having to grind dailies. Idealy this would happen unfortunatly what your sugesting will probably become true and every profession will require us to grind dailies so we invest more time.

  7. If enchanting had a daily quest like Jewelcrafting currently does, or has a daily discovery like Inscription currently does, I'll find another profession to base my standard gold making strategy on (since enchanting, specifically creating materials, is my bread and butter). To put it bluntly, I am sick and tired of daily quests. Between my three Alliance 80s they are close to having 3000 daily quests completed between them - every single one of them was done for reputation, special currency, special items or simply as something else to do besides standard quests while leveling - NEVER for the gold rewards. During TBC I had easily matched, or surpassed, that amount of total daily quests completed on 4x 70s, thanks in part to the Shattered Sun.
    Personally, daily quests above and beyond standard professions (cooking/fishing) is needless, plus the current scope of Inscription daily discovery-based recipe collection is a major inhibitor to late comers into a market.
    Alchemy's approach during TBC was terrible with it's proc-based discoveries. It's Wrath approach with a discovery based system on a several day cooldown wasn't bad because it isn't anywhere near the scope of Inscription's discovery based system.
    The biggest issue I have with the current approach to profession recipes, in particular with raiding, is the recipes either being BOP and only available within a raid instance nobody clears anymore (I'm staring at you, Blade Ward and Blood Draining). I much prefer ICC's method of profession recipes - with currency and reputation, but then again it excludes non-80 crafting alts, making the recipes much more exclusive.

  8. I'd have to disagree a little bit. Sure, there will be some, but I can't imagine many people being willing to spend 200-400g (today's price) for lvl80 enchanted scrolls. If they are going to pay that much, they will most likely buy the lvl 85 enchants. Otherwise they will just get the new lesser tier Cataclysm stat enchants until they get their raid epics. I don't remember there being much of a market at all for the top BC enchants after Wrath released. People just got the new-but-not-top-level Wrath enchants for their blues and 5-man epics, and waited until they got Naxx gear for the top tier enchants. I haven't seen any reason to believe it will be different in Cataclysm.

    As for dailies for all professions, I hope so. Even though it will mean my login pattern will become much longer, dailies for profession masters pretty much always translates into more gold.

  9. I can see the use of a daily for the gathering professions.

    Eg go to Tanaris and mine Mirthil till you find The Magic Gem.

    I think that you could get similar rewards like the fishing daily (mostly gold, junk but with a few BOP blues)

    Plus it gets folks out an about in the world doing different things.

  10. God no, I want to trade like enchanting and leather working, if anything i think JC should be more like Enchanting or Inscription/Alchemy and its discovery system

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