DPS Glyphs for Cataclysm

My first instinct for what glyphs will be needed at the start of cataclysm was to say pve dps glyphs. But with the advent of the looking for dungeon tool, it is entirely possible that players will not be questing to level if they are healers or especially tanks. Therefore, many players may pick up tanking/healing pve glyphs.

Either alts or classes which can fulfill all three roles will possibly have a reason to re-glyph their characters for leveling purposes. It would be wise to have a decent stockpile (at least 10 of each glyph that you intend to sell) ready to go for cataclysm, as well as armor vellums for the enchanters trying to pump out enchants for leveling characters. Anyone with a min/max attitude will want to pick up enchants on their new gear but may not want to fork over the overinflated prices of level 81-85 enchanting scrolls. Therefore, it would be wise to sell the armor vellums for enchanters looking to fill this demand for enchants. Runescrolls may also be a great seller for those doing the looking for dungeon tool, and that goes for all raid or party enhancing buffs such as leather working drums.

Use wow-popular to decide on what glyphs you'd like to sell!

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  1. The amount of people that are DPS now and will switch to tanking to level scares me, the last thing I want is a bunch of 80 tanks that have never tanked before. Sure its good for them to learn how, but if they don't do their homework it could be messy...

  2. No worries, I mean if that was likely to happen lv 58-65 tanking DK's would have a horrible reputation <.< >.>

  3. @elstor: are you kidding? An influx of tanks is the best possible thing the population of WoW could experience that isn't directly the result of the devs (I.E. the next patch). Can you say three-minute LFG queues? for _DPS_? It'd take a ton of lag out of Dal (or Org/IF come Cata)for all the people that won't be running around and it helps everyone gear much faster...

    Economically speaking it would be good for Precise/Solid/etc. gems which are already selling decently on most servers AFAIK. Same with tanking flasks, glyphs, chants... and since most of those tanks will still have a DPS spec the DPS markets won't suffer much.

  4. Marcko, I wonder why you would stockpile glyphs instead of ink or herbs? Once the glyph is made, you can't change your mind if it isn't selling. Ink of the Sea, on the other hand, can be any glyph you want it to be, whenever you need it. I made a more detailed post titled "Bag Space" on my blog, about posting glyphs without using multiple characters, a "just in time" approach to glyph selling. The post is at: http://krustsgoldcorner.blogspot.com/2010/03/im-out-there-jerry.html

  5. I'd be cautious about this to be honest. With all the changes coming to the talent trees and abilities (and the new abilities that have so far been announced), I have a feeling that a lot of current glyphs will be fairly unpopular come Cataclysm. Now, it's true that glyphs aren't particularly expensive to make so even if you make 10 of everything and half of them end up being useless for leveling come Cataclysm, you probably won't end up losing gold as long as you can sell the rest. But do remember, things are changing drastically - specs, abilities, and talents. What is a popular leveling spec now may become the least popular, leaving you with a stack of glyphs for a spec nobody uses anymore, or for a spell that gets dropped completely from rotations at 81 once the new spell is available.

  6. I tend to craft and stock 15 glyphs anyway of all glyphs that run a post cycle everyday and never cancel, so i think that this should be easily achievable.

    I also suggest making your glyphs for cataclysm now while IoTS prices are low and Snowfall ink prices are high.

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