Farming Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral for Small Radiant Shards

Small Radiant Shards are used in enchant Firey, an enchant which I believe will be just as popular as crusader for leveling toons in cataclysm. Be sure to pick up as many shards as you can for creating these enchants! If you aren't interested in making the enchant Firey scrolls, feel free to sell the shards as well as the cloth you get from this instance. Keep in mind that you don't have to have an enchanter in the area to get the disenchant option, you can simply invite someone with enchanting of the appropriate level to the group from any area in the game and you will see the loot option whether they are in the instance or not.

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  1. Another use of the shards is the minor run speed enchant, which a bunch of altohalics I know swear by. It may not be as popular as fiery but (for a trainer enchant) it sells well.

  2. Something I'm about to experiment with as a another small radiant shard farming method that also nets large radiant shards (for use in +3stat to chest enchant).

    Zul Farrak, the bosses will drop items that DE mostly to large radiants, the trolls drop flasks of mojo.

    The flasks on my server can be sold for ~1.5-2g a pop or be combined with aquamarines to create aquamarine signets.

    The signets that are monkey, eagle etc sell for 20-30g (if not more on occasion) the rest DE to small radiants that cost you ~6-8g to create.

  3. The best place for small radiant shards is Razorfen Downs. The blues that the bosses drop have 100% chance to turn into Small Rad Shards, and you can get about four or five per run... which shouldn't take more than 15 to 20 minutes (if that).

    The Cathedral drops fewer shards, and you have to plow through all those f'n mobs to get to the bosses.

    RFD for the win!

  4. This is a very bad tip. First, not all the blue items from Scarlet Monastery disenchant in Small Radiant Shard. Second, the best place to farm Small Radiant Shard is Razorfen Downs. You get 4 guaranteed shards (4 bosses) and 60% of the time there is a rare boss or a random boe drop, which count for 5 shards. You can run the place 5 times in one hour (due to the instance limit). That’s 4.5 shards times’ 5 equals 22.5 shards per hour. On these shards are on average of 5g a piece (average of all European servers), with peaks at 10-12g. On my server I can buy them for 5g a piece, with odd period of times when they top at 10g per piece. I doubt they will ever go successfully above 15g and to be able to settle there. So say on average of 7.5g per shard. That would be 22.5 shards/hour times 7.5g per shard equals 168.75g per hour….say that again ? 168.75g per hour. You’re doing it wrong.

    My advice if you want to make the Fiery scrolls is to buy the shards from the AH. The scroll will cost about 35g to make (7.5 g averages for shard plus essence and vellum) and rarely sell below 45g but up to 65g.

    If you really want to farm something, farm Stratholme for practically anything that drops has a value or Underborg for Sanguine Hibiscus and enchanting mats or the cave in Feralas for Golden Pearls, I don’t know. Heck I am doing more gold/hour if I’m farming the infinite spawn crawlers from Westfall. Just a few examples. Just do the math before farming something. You should know this better Markco.

  5. Cathedral is simple, easy to do 5 times in a row with minimum amount of time for a minimum of 15 shards. This is simply for creating enchant weapon: firey if you need a way to get just the shards. Razorfen is good for this as well, possibly better but in terms of simplicity it is faster to get to Cathedral for horde and faster to get the shards. Sure it is less overall gold but if your goal is just to stockpile some shards once a day for 20 minutes this is the way I would recommend doing it.

    I appreciate the additional information, RFD is a wonderful alternative and defintely worth more overall gold. It is unwise however to say 'this place is better because it makes more gold' since that is entirely server dependent and your goal might not be just to make the most gold today. This is merely a way to get shards to stockpile enchant fireys for cataclysm levelers.

  6. I agree that running Cathedral is best for “minimum” amount of shards and takes less time to run it 5 times rather than RFD. But still both of them could be run 5 times in less than an hour. But the efficiency of running RFD or the Cathedral for shards is not the true issue here.

    I do not agree with you that if you need “just the shards” one should run Cathedral to get them. It is still wrong, and not what people with brains would do. And is also written on JMTC forums. Farm something else more profitable for the same amount of time, and buy the shards from the AH. Why is this better? Not because it brings you more gold. It does, but it’s not the point here as you said. But because it allows you to buy more than 15 shards from the AH with the gold you gathered from the same 20 min, but from a more profitable farming spot.

    Let’s say I want to stockpile Small Radiant Shards for Cata. And I see 50 of them on the AH for say 7g a piece. What do I do? Do I go to Cathedral to farm 15 of them in 20-40 min ? I wouldn’t. What I would rather do (for just one example) is go to Winterspring and catch some Raw Whitescale Salmon (4-5 stacks in 40 min) and sell them for say 80g/stack on my server. That would bring 300 – 400g which is more than enough to dry up the AH of Small Radiant Shards. There is your stockpile. And you ensured if anyone else has the same idea, will find nothing to buy. Replace Raw Whitescale Salmon with Eternal Fire, Dragonfin Angelfish, Primal Air, Sanguine Hibiscus, Adamantite Ore, Knothide Leather, Tin Ore, Zesty Clam Meat, Golden Pearls, Essence of Air whatever is more profitable on your server.

    So my idea is that while you can go RFD or Cathedral to get the shards, it’s not a smart idea while you can get more of them (we want to stockpile, remember?) with the same effort or even less.

  7. @Archangel - What if you buy up all the shards and still want more but only want to spend 30 minutes getting them? I think that RFD is a great place to get them, just that this is the fastest way to get them. If I can get all 5 runs done in 20-30 minutes and don't care about looting anything except the shards... isn't this the better location?

  8. If you look at it on the paper, yes, it is faster and it is easy 15 shards, using the farming method. RFD and Cathedral, is the place where these shards "drop". That's the source, indeed.

    But if you want to stockpile, I would do it as i already mentioned. Also think about the alliance characters and the travel involved to reach either RFD or Cathedral.

    I want to tell you that I'm crafting and selling Fiery scrolls for about 10 months now. There were times when for days there were no shards on the AH and I ran out of them. I looked how my competition was selling happily while I was out of business. I also resented the idea to go out there and grab them, because that would have been less profitable than other things I could do in the same amount of time. So I waited. And from my experience over the course of 10 months, I am no longer panicking if there are none on the AH. Because now I know the shards come in waves. Small Radiant and Large Brilliant ones (for Crusader). One week they are missing or they are very expensive, other week the AH has plenty and cheap. I buy them all when they are cheap, even if I have more than enough. I learned my lesson.

    So following that idea, Cataclysm in 6-8 months away. There is plenty of time to add it to your snatch list and buying them from AH, thus make a healthy stockpile by the time Cata launch. From my point of view and also as an alliance character is faster and cheaper (gold and time wise) to just grab them from the AH at average 5-7g and even at 10g per piece.

  9. I forgot to mention this : don't get me wrong. I love farming. Although 90% of my gold comes from pure AH buying/crafting/sell process, I love to go "out there" and enjoy my favorite spots of the Azeroth wheter is mining, fishing, or farming Stratholme or whatever. I already have the Deathcharger but I still go there from time to time.

    There are few materials that are worth your time to just go out there and get them yourself, whether you want to stockpile or use immediately.

    I can think of Essence of Air in Silithus. Even without the elemental event, I can average 40 pieces in 1 hour. That's 10 Agility scrolls which sell for 130-150g a piece.

    I can think of farming Eclipse Point alley in Shadowmoon Valley. It lives up to its name. The amount of Netherweave Cloth and greens to disenchant that drop on this alley, eclipses any instance you can think of farming the same thing.

    I can think of more, but in my book it's not the case for small radiant shards.

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