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"Hi I just wanted to say a personal thank you . I have recently discovered your forums and pod cast and it has reignited my passion for wow, I have a disability that has effected my wow time that I can no longer raid sitting down for 3-4 hours+ in a chair without moving about no longer possible but I have just made my first 10k from picking up the info from your podcast and forums all the people are friendly and helpful. so soon I hope to buy your guide. so again a big thanks to you for opening my eyes to another part of wow that I'm currently really enjoying!

Yours Sincerely Raymond."

I read this message and immediately gave him a free gold guide. Thank you for the message Raymond, it came at a time when I really needed it. Enjoy the forums and the great community here.

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  1. Just to say Markco you are AWESOME.

    This just goes to show you that the World of Warcraft contains many many types of people.

    Just a quick inventory note for Cataclysm 2 Bank tabs of Netherweave Bags and Frostweave bags, 1 Tab of Cobalt Ore, 1 Tab of Mercurial adamantite, and 1 tab of each Mithril and Thorium Ore.

    I currently have 3 Guild Banks with 5 tabs on each, so looking forward to filling those up shortly as I am leveling a JC and mining on one toon and have a toon with 450 Alch Transmute, and 450 BS armor spec ( making a killing with the belt buckles, and a toon with 450 herb and inscrip.

  2. Markco, you are awesome!

    I read this blog every day and check the forums at least a few times during the day. It helps me get through the day at work.

    Although I haven't quite mastered making money yet, the tips on here are great!

    I've had a 450 mining/JC since hitting 80 after Wrath, and am currently leveling up a mage that is 450 trans alch.

    I started slow with about 2.5k, and now after power leveling alch the moment I got Transmute spec, I am sitting at about 6k. I also have taken to stockpiling a little.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing you on the next call to auction podcast.

  3. You are awesome. Doing good work providing free gold tips.
    Thanks a lot.

    Can I get a free gold guide now? xD

    Just kidding of course. I learned how to make gold thanks to this site. It was my first eye-opener about the auctionhouse. Just wanna say thanks for that. I've read every single post I could find on this site, and it really helped me.

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