Frozen Orbs vs Eternal Fires

I was amazed to find that my strategy of moving eternal fires from horde to alliance was still viable after weeks of not using it (particularly after the frozen orb to eternal fire change), but low and behold... eternal fires are going for 25 to 48 gold on the alliance side and 9 to15 gold on the horde side.

Even if I didn't have the ability to transfer from horde to alliance I could still buy eternal fires with frozen orbs on the alliance side and resell them for moderate profits, but going from horde to ally has yielded phenomenal results.

Check the orb prices and eternal prices on your server to see if either horde or alliance are worth buying orbs for the purpose of turning them into eternals.

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  1. Not just eternal fire -> frozen orb.
    But crusader orbs regularly sell for 100g horde side and 180g ally side.
    And the funny thing the orb prices are not the much difference.

    so I believe people are lazy and won't check the frozen orb price *6 versus crusader orbs.

    So the arbitrage market for frozen orbs has been really fun lately on my server.

  2. Somewhat related question: does Auctioneer keep Alliance/Neutral/Horde scan data separate?

  3. I was expecting Frozen lotus to drop from 40g each (the price they settled around after the drop rate on FL was increased)to the going price of the orbs (20g-25g)

    What I wasn't expecting was for it to drop to 15g while orbs never drop below 20g without being instantly snatched up. I thought it was a momentary thing and bought all I felt I could afford, but it seems to be stable.

    The only reasons I can think of are either someone's making orbs and trying to sell them for next to no profit and the actual herbalists are now undercutting him, or people are herbing alot more than ever before to take advantage of the increase in herb prices, which only occured because almost no one was herbing due to the huge supply of frost lotuses from orbs.

    Logically, with FL being so cheap, no one would make them with orbs, so the supply should have remained where it had been, and the price for other herbs should have remained unchanged, or the price for other herbs should have gone up as fewer people were herbing, and FLs should cost the same as orbs.

    I guess people are herbing now, not for the lotuses, but for the actual herbs, and aren't treating the herbs as a byproduct to be dumped, but the product themselves, and they're dumping the frostlotuses as a byproduct now.

    There's money to be made there, somewhere, but my Alchemist is transformation specced, and the price of flasks has dropped through the floor. I intend to buy up enough cheap flasks to allow me to lvl my chars from 80-85 fully flasked, even though it's an extravigant waste.

  4. I always thought cross-faction arbitrage was a little too risky for me. If you, say, transfer 100g to a horde toon, it becomes 85g right away, then transfer 85g worth of goods back to your mains, with the AH cut you need to list it at 100/0.85/0.95 = +24% of the horde-side price just to break even.

    In your case, you're listing at 40-400% of the horde price, so that seems like a good gamble, but to me I'm not sure it's worth the time and risk (not to mention the risk that "campers" might snatch up your 85g worth of goods when you list it for 1c in Booty Bay).

    Of course, horde outnumbers alliance 2:1 on my server, so maybe I should look into it...

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