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"This may have been mentioned already, but i don't think it has as far as your blog goes... I am a tailor, and though i have recently lost my ability to profit well off of the cloths that i could make (moonshroud, spellweave, and ebonweave) I have recently discovered that the glacial bag still sells incredibly well at its reduced price! I just sold one today after around 90g in mats, for 450g instantaneously after making it. I think i could get somewhere in the neighborhood of 600g had i waited. This may be even more profit than the cloths used to be!

My brother actually noticed this as well Josh, but I hadn't gotten around to writing an article and since you did such a great job summing up the market, I thought your email would be a worthwhile read for everyone. I noticed that infinite dust prices being so cheap really helped to contribute to the large profits margins with these bags. Thanks!

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  1. Not to get too nit picky, but the gold per hour (360/168) ratio of these bags does not make them a viable strategy for making gold.

    That being said, they are a good bonus to your regularly scheduled bag creation.

  2. No problem, marcko.

  3. I am finding that there is simply not a market for Glacial Bags any more.

    I'm not sure what has caused the shift, but I've had a Glacial Bag sitting (at 490g, cheapest listed) on the auction house for over a week now and no sale.

  4. Yeah I agree. My glacial bag won't sell at 380g and that's the lowest I've ever seen it. Before the patch they were actually selling and were going for around 500g. You would think that a 7day cooldown on these suckers would make the price rise, not lower!

  5. Hint: I can buy 20 slot bags for 50-60 gold on my server. So if I want to have 2 slots more I would have to pay 380-60 makes 320 gold for two freaking slots? That ain't gonna happen till I really need them, in witch case I am probably better of buying a guild bank anyway. Even if you count all of your bank slots are filled with 2 slots extra plus your bags, it's still not so much space that it's worth a few thousand gold.

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