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I found a thread on the JMTC forums about guild bank names. Wanted to port it over to the blog and get some comments with your favorite alt guild names for your bankers. Read it and pick your favorites from the thread... all my guild banks were purchased from other players so I didn't pick the names, except for Markcovia for my paladin scribe/jewelcrafter.


My personal favorite is not on that thread, but I kid you not this was a guild on my server:  "We Love Markco" ... as well as a few other ones with Markco in it. I thought it was the funniest damn thing ever to run up to my mail box and see two people with that guild name.

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  1. On my server we have a character named Carnagee who is an obvious bank alt. I enjoy watching him in the AH, since he's incredibly well dressed.

    We also have a guild and a .

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. Unfair Trade Practice is mine.

  3. My favorite one I have is "GDBM", which stands for "Goddamn Batman". XD

  4. If I were alliance my guild bank would be named JPWorgen in cataclysm.

  5. I called mine - Bob's Yer Aunt

  6. was mine on Lightbringer, transferred and bought a dying guild for the tabs.

  7. My guild is called Hammerspace, :P

  8. lolwhat

    i also had a second account with


    but it got hacked...

  9. One Man Wolf Pack ever.

  10. Former Day Traders

  11. my guild name is
    The Goblin

  12. My banker has a guild called "Bank of Azeroth". Newbies always come up to me and ask for withdrawal...

  13. My first account GB is named Loot Ninja & my other is Cache!

  14. lol my guild bank is "the Rich" lolol

  15. Mine is "Captain of the Failboat"

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