"Hey Markco,
    I play a protection and holy paladin named Thuron on Antonidas even though i'm not big on auction house flipping one of my oldest and favorite ways to make gold is going back to Scholo or Ramps and farming them for greens to d/e and cloth for bags or even fly around hellfire and Nagrand for ore on my alt. The mats and bags always fly off the ah  and the ore goes a little slower but sells regardless. I've been currently making roughly 1.2-1.5k gold a day just from this process that only takes around 1-3 hours a day. I know its not the best way for making gold but i just wanted to see if you can do a post to remind people out there that theirs other things to do other then ah camping. I also wanted to say ty for all your blogging i've been reading it for several months now and i always enjoy having something new to read or watch (if you've been out pvping) everyday on your website.
                                   Thanks for reading,
                                                Thuron of Antonidas"
Thank you for the well written email Thuron, you bring up a great point: there are great ways to farm and make gold if you don't want to play the auction house. Personally, in vanilla, I used to farm in felwood killing various elementals and trees to make money, as well as the lake in winterspring for icy enchants and hammers of the northern wind. Actually earned the money for my mount that way, and it's surprising how similar finding a farming spot is to making money on the auction house. You pick your areas to farm (markets), spend some time killing mobs collecting materials (trade chat/bidding/buying), and then make your money.

  1. What about multiboxing? Are you going to do a writeup on that, cause that is also a Very popular way to make a TON of gold, with little effort. I have done a whole writeup on this on my blog. mrstoneskin.blogspot.com

    Hope to hear back from ya :)
    Mr. Stoneskin

  2. I think the challange of making gold in wow isn't to pay real money to get it. Multi boxing costs additional subscriptions and game licences, upping the real world payments in order to get virtual gold.

    It may be fun for you, but really it's not a gold making stratagy. You may as well just pay goldsellers, if you are using multiboxing to just make more gold.

    I figure you are actually doing it because you find it fun, and posting here to promote your blog.

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