I Want to Sell Alcohol

Seriously! Alcohol is such a fun part of this game, especially having your character drink while you drink while playing. Turn up your settings and after drinking it will feel like you turned them down. What's more, if you hold your camera in one place and keep drinking it will float away for forever... allowing for some pretty crazy distances.

Now, why isn't alcohol more of a commodity to the player base? How cool would it be if there were more achievements with it thus promoting bar-like settings in wow? Then maybe someone will actually buy beer off my mammoth!

Brewfest was a really great idea and I love the opportunity to hop a ride on the gnomish transporter in booty bay and gank outside of ironforge, but Blizzard, please give us more reasons to drink! There definitely should be more alcohol in places we never use it now... like getting 10 wins in arena while 'under the influence', winning each bg while never getting sober, hardmodes, etc.

I'm calling it now, there will be some drinking achievements in cataclysm. In fact, since so many blizzard employees read this blog, my prediction is bound to come true. Hey a guy can dream can't he? Besides... who isn't looking forward to the opportunity to sell beverages on the ah? Maybe you could make it a part of cooking, being able to mix drinks for achievements, etc.

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  1. The game is rated T, they would get in a lot of trouble for condoning the use of alcohol by minors.

  2. Will not happen. Blizzard culled part of Brewfest on european servers because children play and would have been forced to drink alcohol in-game (instead of only out-of-game), so they removed the Wolpertinger/drunken elephants quest or whatever it was -- never got to see it.

  3. It may not be possible to include more drinking in the game due to legal restrictions in some EU countries. They actually had to disable some of the Brewfest quests here due to legal restrictions (the one where you can only see something if you are drunk).

  4. Alchemy now brews up alcohol that gives the effect of a flask while still getting you drunk to boot!

  5. Why not make it a secondary profession like cooking except s Bartender or Mixologist getting drink recipes like the cooking ones, maybe even tie it in with alchemy on some of them for matts.

  6. Wishful thinking perhaps - especially considering that several of the alcohol related achievements were removed from the brewfest meta as a result of some legal shenanigans over in the UK. And of course the same went for the US side so it wasn't easier for one over the other.

  7. Looking forward to selling booze on the AH? Why wait, I'm already doing that now! The few beers you can buy from barkeep Morag at the Org inn (I think that's the name) are sold by me regularly for 15g each several times a week.

    I know one is needed to make a chocolate cake, the others, well, I have no idea. But hey it's not my place to judge, only to serve and provide... for a price.

    Granted it's not huge profit at only about 13g or so, but I still laugh every time I see somebody buy from the AH what is being sold for a few silver 30 yards away.

  8. Nice post :)

    What's your favourite WoW alcohol?

    Mine is definitely the Sulfuron Slammer from the Grim Guzzler. "It'll knock your socks off... and then set your feet on fire."

    At the moment, there is actually one achievement related to mixing a drink. When you mix a Kungaloosh, it will be a part of the Northrend Gourmet Achievement. Just like the Captain Rumsey's Lager is, when you brew it.

  9. I use alcohol everyday. My friend and I take a break for a meal or snacks when we do dailies. Beer and pretzels, port and cake, etc.

  10. Really bad idea, leave it Marco. What would be next? Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll?

  11. The game may be rated "T" and may have had problems with the aocohol drinking in game, yet killing dreaming whelps for their dream dust so that Krazek in Booty Bay can powder his nose is alright? And who cares about drinking in game when it is acceptable to run quests for Krazek delivering his dream dust packages to the Mirage Raceway.

  12. as Nimrasil said, it is easy to sell Captain Rumsey's Lager for a little extra profit, as it increases your fishing skill temporarily by 5

  13. I've been wanting a "Brewing" tradeskill for ages. I used to play the original Everquest game and they had a dedicated "Brewing" tradeskill where you would brew up dozens of alcohol recipes. Now this wasn't exactly a money making tradeskill but it was fun nonetheless. At least with EQ you could get a trophy at the end when you max'ed out your skill.

    Right now, we can make a couple of brew recipes using the cooking skill including that +Fishing brew "Capt'n somethings Lager" (i forget it's name offhand).

    But I agree, if we can earn the "Brewmaster" title during Brew Fest, why not let us create a 2ndary profession that gave achievements?!

    Hallertau the Drunk Dwarf Hunter

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