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"Greetings Markco,

I have followed your blog for quite a while and i am fascinated on how effective most of these hints are.
I wondered, if there might be a possibility to add a search function to your blog.
Sometimes I get lost within all your posts when I am searching for a new way to get some coins into my pocket.

Some weeks ago, I was looking for a new way to get money and I looked at all those glyphs my Priest can produce.
I searched the AH for some valuable stuff, but got bored pretty fast. So I decided to make some Armor Vellum III for a friend.
When I offered them to him, he said, he already got enough, so I listed them in the AH.

I bought about 100xAdder's Tongue to make the ink and got about 60xArmor Vellum III and 5xSnowfall ink.
These cost about 10-15g/stack so I payed about 70g for this. Plus 40s Paper for each Armor Vellum III (2xPaper for 2xVellum).
Everyone who knows the prices for Snowfall ink and/or Armor Vellum III might know where this is going.

I list 1xArmor Vellum III for 5-10g on the AH. 60x5g=300g...minimum...300-600g just for all Armor Vellum III.
Each Snowfall ink produces 5 Runescrolls, which sell for about 5g each (40s/paper each runescroll additional cost).

As many enchanter need those to sell their stuff on the AH, they won't go down with the price. I sell about 40-60 individual Armor Vellum III together.
estimated profit: 70g(ressources)+20g(paper)=500g(est. 50xArmor Vellum III)+125g(est. 5xSnowfall ink) / 90g(investment)=625g(profit)

I hope you can add some suggestions of yours to this.


PS:I'm playing a Troll Priest named "Luzianus" on Todeswache (EU) if you ever want to chat"
 Armor Vellum III's and Snowfall inks (sold in offhand and runescroll form) are an excellent way to make money with inscription without having to get into the mess of posting glyphs. There are much less organizational skills required and your products sell very quickly with a decent amount of profit. Combine this strategy with glyph sales as a scribe for maximum profits.

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  1. Site search is dead easy with Google. Just put in your search term and the site restrictor.

    For example:



  2. I see a few problems with his math. First off, in inscription you really need to do two calculations, one for milling and one for producing finished items. The point here is that you need to internally establish a value for snowfall and IotS. This will make it much easier to evaluate your different output options. As a side effect you can also then watch the ink markets and buy inks if they fall below your internal value. (No milling! Yay!)

    I couldn't imagine a JC that couldn't tell you what an uncut cardinal ruby is worth off the top of his head. Yet all the time I see scribes say "I turned this pile of herbs into runescrolls and vellum" and have no idea if they would have made more or less making glyphs and offhands instead. Or making decks and selling IotS on the AH.

  3. What's IotS mean?

  4. While what Sassafras said true. except for this is server dependent. On my server I can't sell the inks. Even if i list the Iots and snowfall ink at 70% market value (5-6g iots and 8-9g snowfall) most if not all will be returned. There is simply no market for the inks. Then how you get rid of the excess inks?

    Crafting the vellums and runescrolls are more profitable in the sense that I will have a guaranteed sales (well 90% of the time). All I can say is what the market, post a few things as experimental runs and then see what works and what doesn't work. The key thing is being smart and always take steps to minimize your loss.

  5. Sassafras, I believe the topic was about "options". What other options do you have other than glyphs.

    Glyphs is a very daunting market to get into. And while I personally have made it, it does require a lot of babysitting the glyph-alt if you want to make any serious money. Thank God for remote desktop from work during computer calculation (aka movie rendering) time. ;)

  6. Oh, I don't disagree with the main point of his post. If you can sell vellum for a profit that's a great low-volume low-hassle alternative to glyphs. My point was that most of his profit was actually from milling, not crafting vellum.

    And obviously eveything varies by server. (I wish I had OP's 25g per snowfall market to dump onto!) But I know on my server if you post IotS at 2g or less they will sell, in pretty much any quantity (probably to me - no milling, wheee!)

  7. The big difference with incription and, say, enchanting or jewelcrafting:
    Ink is made by scribes, for use by scribes; no other professions use it.
    Enchanting materials are used in other professions, and are generated by characters who are not enchanters when in instances with enchanters.
    Gems are made by alchemists and bought by anyone for honour, rather than being primarily generated by the jewelcrafters.

    This means there is very little market for inks, as opposed to the materials used in other professions.

    And as such, any price you have for ink of the sea should be an internal one, rather than based on the market.

  8. As an enchanter, I would say that vellums are a market that realy does not seem to have enough products being made.
    I will happily pay 5g for Armor Vellum III's or 10g for the Weapon Vellum III's, and would much prefer to buy stacks of 20 to single items.
    When I'm runnning out, I'll pay more, too.

    So I would reiterate - check the market for vellums, and make some if there is a profit in it for you. There will be 100's of these used each day to satisy the demand for enchanting scrolls.

  9. SeelenGeier aka. Luzianus said... April 15, 2010 at 4:38 AM

    I know, that you can't get a fix value on all those calculations, but you should get the idea, why Armor Vellum III is profitable.

    The Inks alone don't sell well. Especially because only scribes use them. The Price is server dependend. IotS costs about 6-7g on Todeswache(EU) and snowfallink for about 7-8g (strange but true). I hardly sell any of these even if I sell IotS for 3-4g. Armor Vellum III is highly demanded and therefore you can sell those for very low profit but in high numbers.

    Just remember 1 IotS make 2 Armor Vellum III ! So if you don't mill yourself (I personally recommend milling adder's tongue), you can sell the armor Vellum III for half of the price of IotS (+40s paper) and add your profit.

    So if you buy IotS for 5g you can sell AVIII for 2.9g (thats very low). make it 4g (also very low) and post 20 full stacks on friday. You might even have to repost more, because of the high demand.

    I don't sell or use the snowfallinks, just too much of a hassle. I save them for later if I make some Darkmoon cards.

  10. If you are claiming you can't sell IotS then I think you don't understand demand curves. Or maybe there aren't any serious glyphers on your server.

    I value my IotS at 2g. My server usually has it listed around 2.5 but sometimes it drops below 2. When it does I will buy all of it. This is not frequent, but when it happens I am quite happy, as it saves me milling. 100 stacks at 1.85 per ink? Sold! And whoever milled it still made 100% profit without counting snowfall inks (deadnettle and talandra's go for .25 here), so they're happy too.

    Take a lesson from Gevlon. If it doesn't sell then lower your prices.

  11. The point of this post is that you should make an effort to sell everything for maximum profit: glyphs, vellums, off hands, cards and runescrolls. If one market isn't profitable, then the others probably are good alternatives.

    SaSSafraS, your point about demand curves is very true, I have seen the rare occasion where it is profitable to sell ink of the sea for a decent profit.

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