JC 100k gold

"Hi Markco,

I just wanted to send you a thank you, for showing me something so new
to me and fun in WoW, mainly making tons of gold! I've been reading
your forums, and picked up your guide a few months ago. Also been
listening to Call to Auction and Castaclysm, both a great deal of fun.
Awesome job!

I've used your tips mainly for jewlcrafting, but have expanded to belt
buckles, netherweave bags, leatherworking patches, as well as general
item flipping, and any profit I can find.

I just hit 100k this week, which was my goal before cataclysm, when I
began just under 3 months ago. Now I'll try to reach gold cap before
cataclysm. (Rewarded myself with a battered hilt for my druid, and
gained it all back in less than 5 days).

So anyway, a big thank you, you showed me something new and exciting
in the game.

Lodger, 80 Troll Death Knight (Blood Tank)


Thank you for the email Lodger, good luck :) People don't tend to realize that the call to auction archive of posts (although not all that many yet) have some awesome information, particularly when we went through individual professions for gold tips. You may want to add enchanting rods to your arsenal though, just saying :)

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  1. i have heard only good from your guide.
    your blog, forum and call to auction series is good.

    but what difference is in your guide and in tips we get from those sources?

  2. The difference is in the detail of the explanation and the number of step by step videos included, as well as information on how to pick the right professions for your gold making situation. The guide is massive... I have no idea anymore how many pages it would be as it is all in html. Throw in the fact that I'm going to update it for free with no additional cost during cataclysm and you have a pretty snazzy deal.

    That being said I know people who are millions with it and millionaires without it. If you are having trouble it's probably what you want, but if you are just fine tuning to min/max your gold it's probably overkill to buy the guide when you can do your own research on the forums here for free.

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