Making Money Off The Big Guns

Phase Three Profit came up with an interesting article here on making gold off wow blogs such as JMTC and other big names in the wow blogosphere.

I've touched on this idea, particularly with 's and 's articles regarding making gold. What happens is people see an idea, follow it blindly, and create the opposite situation of what they actually wanted. Since so many people disenchant, prospect, farm, etc. they actually create more supply then demand for whatever item they are trying to sell, and thus the profit margin plummets at or below zero.

So what should you, the wise auction house guru do instead? Just as P3P suggests: become the supplier of these goods. Another way to take advantage is to look ahead at this as an opportunity to buy up the goods that people are making worthless and then use those to make items for resale later on. If gems are going to drop to super low prices from thorium then make rings and disenchant. If people are buying cobalt bars to make greater cosmic essences take the essences and sell enchanted vellums.

On a side note, I still think it's funny my blog isn't on P3P's blogroll. QQ lol.

Do you have any examples of items which you've taken advantage of because big name blogs said they would be a good way to make gold? Did you think one, two, three items down the line to snag a profit from your amateur competitors?

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  1. Euripides introduced me to the notched cobalt war axe trick for GCE, and I'm sure I have followed other blog posts to make gold. I just hit gold cap last night so I would say its working. I usually don't follow it blindly though, I see it as it is and find out if it will work with my server's economy.

  2. Your blog may or may not have been on p3p's blogroll 14 hours ago, but it is now. Maybe you missed it when you looked, the most recently updated blog is not on top as I expected. In fact, if you look on the blogroll link for bloggers to request their blog be added to p3p's blogroll, he mentions you as being on the blogroll despite their policy of not adding sites that sell gold guides, along with a positive comment about your site. Hopefully I'll be on their blogroll soon, the request has been made :)

  3. It all comes down to "profit in the eye of the beholder." Yeah those blogs come and inexperienced people go running to make a few bucks. The real experienced objective readers tho will connect the dots, see the forest for the trees, and use the method posted as well as supplying the bandwangoners. Those bandwagoners make money for sure but we always make more. The result...this little pig went wewewewe all the way to the bank! LOL

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